11 Ways to Keep the Holiday Blues Away

11 Ways to Keep the Holiday Blues Away

smiling buyMany people suffer with depression and sadness during this time of the year.  Depression and sadness happen more during the holiday season than any other time of the year.

The holiday season is a time of happiness and sharing, but for some it’s a time of the year that some dread and find painful.

If you dread the holiday season and are unhappy during this time of the year here’s a few tips:

Keep the Holiday Blues Away

1. Express and show gratitude for everything and to everyone.

2.  Pray for strength and meditate on those things that are good.

3.  Focus on the positive. Don’t give Mr. Negativity the time of day.

4.  Spend time with those people who truly love and appreciate you.

5.  Spend time outside in the sun. If the sun doesn’t make an appearance in your area, you may consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

6.  Freely share your love and kindness with your family and friends.

7.  Don’t watch the news or too much TV.

8.  Do random acts of kindness.

9.  Go for a walk and get some fresh air.

10.  Read your favorite topics.

11.  When all else fails, smile and take a deep breath.

Sadness and depression can easily grab hold to you, especially with all that’s going on in this world today. Stay rooted and grounded always staying true to yourself. If you don’t do this, then you can easily lose yourself in the midst of everything that’s happening.

Discussion: Do you have any tips to share? Don’t be shy, we’re all ears!

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  1. Issa says:

    Hi, Evelyn. These tips are excellent. I’ve just expressed a desire to beat the blues. 🙁

    Hope that desire is enough to win over it.

  2. Jen says:

    Yes Evelyn even though we think of the holiday season as a joyous time for many people it is not. I have a lot of friends who have lost loved ones and become sad around this time of year. I always make an effort to contact them and involve them in anything I am doing for the holidays so they can have a distraction from any sad or negative thoughts that they may have.

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for sharing!

      Most people are tied up with their own family and friends and don’t think about contacting others who may be down during this time of the year.

      I’m glad you shared this, because it is a good practice to follow.

      Take care,


  3. Sophia says:

    Hi, Evelyn, you are so kind to sharing this blog with us, thank you. I agree that we should spend more time with our friends and family, especially when we feel bad. The happiness would make me forget these bad things. Also, never spend all your time on watching TV by yourself when you are in pain. I also had this kind of experience, which might make you worse after turning off television.

  4. Angelo says:

    Yes Evelyn, I have seen the holiday blues affect a lot of people. I dread to see it happen so I’ll take these tips and pass them along. Thanks!!!

  5. Zengirl says:


    This is such a great topic, as many people do get stressed our during holidays, rushing to everything done and doing it perfectly.

    You summed up in 11 ways. I would like to add a few more.

    12. Don’t try to be perfect.
    13. Slow down, Breathe
    14. Help someone in need during Holidays
    15. Be kind to yourself.


  6. Steve says:

    Hi Evelyn!

    All your tips are wonderful. What I want to add here is the person in depression should have the willingness to come out of it. They keep trying but until they have a strong will to be strong and face the adversity of life nothing can help them. They should learn to accept the reality and move on with life.


  7. Vibrant says:

    Dear Evelyn:

    Every November/December the issue of “holiday blues” rears its ugly head. My background is in couneling/therapy- and I know from whence I speak as professional and from personal experiece. Certainly there are individuals who suffer from “clinical depression” and probably need psychotropic medication but there are individuals who begin to experience “the blues” specific during this time of the year or those who are baseline depressed or “pathologically depressed” and it exacerbates during this time of year.
    The media/our culture inudates us with messages about what Thanksgiving Day should be like or what the Christmas season should be like. I personally have had holidays where I was so loved and so happy that I wanted to “freeze” the moment and I also have had holidays that were the opposite- case in point- – I remember one Thanksgiving Day I was all alone in a teeny apartment with NO food and weighing less than 90l bs- and did not have 2 nickles to rub together- no job, no phone, a yellow sticker on the door- and utility disconnection notices- . I wished for a can of tuna with crackers- that would have been a luxury and feast for me. BUT I had a “God” and where there is a God there is HOPE. And the point is: Be thankful for whatever you have- Give thanksgiving every day- don’t wait for a specific day – the last Thursday in November – I don’t go as far as to Boycott Thanksgiving – but if we are cognizant of the origin of the holiday – we might think again about celebrating it.
    I am no longer living in the teeny apartment with NO food or no nickles to rub together- Thanksgiving is a man made holiday- it is another day – if you have NO family- there are nursing homes full of lonely people-spend the day with a nursing home resident- there are children in foster care- consider nuturing a child- reach out- Serve dinner at a homeless shelter- encourage the residents- tell them they matter.

    And every year the media slams us with stories about someone who has lost a job and can’t buy Christmas presents. Christmas is the birth of Christ- a religious holiday and shouldn’t be based on how many presents you can buy. Give your family love – its priceless.
    If you can’t afford a turkey- you don’t have to eat turkey with a large feast of unhealthy calories ridden goodies- I am content to have a organic vegan sandwich toppled with organic veggies.
    I remember several years ago I was working at a Health Organization- I came back from lunch and the nurse who sat next to me was “wailing”. She was probably 40 years old and had a small child. I thought that something had happened to her child. She begin to tell me she was devastated that her mother was cooking Ham for Christmas instead of Turkey and that her mother was not going to be able to witness her son open his presents on Christmas Day because she couldn’t visit her until later on Christmas Day. ‘
    I understand “pain” is “pain” but I’m just sayin there are some 40 years old that wish there mother was still here.

    Happy Holidays.

    • Hi Vibrant,

      Thank you for sharing!

      I too believe that thankfulness and gratitude should be done all year round. You know, I’m not big into celebrating holidays. Once I learned the true origins of certain holidays, I stopped celebrating it like everyone else and putting so much emphasis on those holidays. I try to be the same person and do the same things all year round. I don’t wait to get anyone something special on a certain day of the year, that man deems the time to do so. I just give to others whenever I feel like it. 😉

      The media doesn’t make it easy for people during this time of the year.

      When I was a teenager, my youth group use to visit the nursing homes around this time. It certainly makes you feel good. Because some people in nursing homes don’t ever have anyone to visit them. Knowing that you are doing something to lift another person’s spirits is good medicine for the soul.

      Wow, I certainly feel you. Re: your last paragraph about the 40 year old lady.

      Thank you for chiming in and sharing.

      Have a happy holiday season!


  8. barak says:

    The best way i know to gain happines or anything you want in life, is to choose an enviorment of people who have the quality you would life to yourself, and then just act as you were a kid, trying to be like them. by that you will surly keep the holiday blues away! good luck

  9. david says:

    I felt depressed during this holiday season as well, especially, but i try to keep myself busy with work, blogging etc, so that i don’t think of negative things or feel lonely,

  10. Tatianna says:

    Definitely skipping on the TV and doing more meditation or prayer is a great way to keep the blues away any time. I find TV to be poison to the mind, it disconnects us from our true self.

  11. Michelle says:

    I think that prayer will take care of the rest. Some people get lonely because there’s nobody around but God is an ever present help. Also, when we reach away from ourselves and share the love of god with someone else, it takes our mind off of what we “think” we don’t have.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m sure there are many people who will benefit from reading this

    • Hey Michelle,

      Yes, prayer is the key!!

      I remember when I was in grad school, I didn’t go home for the holidays and boy was I lonely, but I never got down about it. So, I know what you mean.

      Thanks for sharing! We can never go wrong when we share our love with others.

      Take care,


  12. Carolyn says:

    These are excellent! Thank you, Evelyn. 🙂

  13. Bryan Thompson says:

    Evelyn, it’s good to be back. I think I am pretty well back for good. Yep, knock on wood, I’m pretty hopeful about it. I’ve kept reading your posts, though. I love how committed this post is to getting outside of ourselves and interacting with the communities around us. Hope your holiday season is off to a great start.

    By the way, my wife has gone entirely vegetarian in recent months and is amazed at the health benefits. I am mostly, though I eat free-range chicken or fish twice per week. Thought you might like to know. 🙂

    • Hey Bryan,

      So glad to see you and I’m glad you’re back. God is good and the season going well!

      That’s great, for your wife. You’re doing very good too. I’m proud of you!!

      I’ve been slack on making my rounds. I know you have writing some posts, and I’ll definitely pay you a visit.

      Take care,


  14. Wow. So glad I happened upon your site. I really love the info here. And thanks for this particular blog entry. Between the sun setting earlier and the holidays it can be tough for a lot of people.

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