12 Keys To Weight Loss

weight-lossI do not claim to be a weight loss expert, but I can steer you in the right direction.  This post is a general guide for anyone interested in losing weight.  Today, I share with you 12 keys to weight loss.

Keys to Weight Loss

  1. Accept yourself at the weight you are at right now.  The sooner you accept and love yourself at the weight you are, right now, the sooner you can begin the process of releasing weight.
  2. Work with a professional.  A professional can be a physician, nutritionist, counselor or coach.  Losing weight is challenging and working with a professional can help you get to where you want to go in a healthy way.  Don’t be afraid of seeking help from professionals.
  3. Do not jump on fad diet bandwagons.  These fad diets promise you quick and easy weight loss, but do not be fooled.  Opt for a balanced diet, eating a variety of whole foods.
  4. Stop eating junk foods.  You will always be hungry eating junk foods.  Eating junk foods only leads to you eating more and more food, because your body is not getting the good nutrition it truly needs.
  5. Stop drinking sugar laden beverages.  Kick the soda habit, instead drink more water.  If you must drink a sweetened beverage, be sure the beverage has a healthy sweetener in it.
  6. Do not skimp on protein and healthy fats.  Over time, low protein and low fat intake can lead to nutritional deficiencies.  The first thing that people do is decrease fat in the diet, because they think, “If I cut out the fat, I will lost fat”, but do not do that.  Fat and protein actually help you stay satisfied between meals.  And usually when protein and fat intake are low, we tend to eat more carbohydrates.
  7. Eat real carbohydrates and less of the refined carbohydrates.  Real carbohydrates are vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains. These foods are good sources of fiber.  Refined carbohydrates are:  pasta, cookies, and crackers (just naming a few).
  8. Start moving your body.  It does not matter what movement you do, just make sure you move your body daily.  Walking is a movement that you can do anywhere and you do not need a gym membership to do it.
  9. Be a mindful eater.  Constantly being on your smart phone, checking email, reading an article, or surfing the internet can wait; give eating your undivided attention.  There is nothing more important than you being present while eating and enjoying your meal.  Food digests better when you take your time and attention to eating your food.
  10. Pay attention to your stress levels.  We all have stress in our lives, but the key is how we handle stress.  When you feel yourself getting stressed, notice it and simply relax.  Relaxing, deep breathing, thinking positive thoughts, or saying a quick prayer can help you ease the stress.
  11. Do not talk negatively about yourself.  Negative self-talk hinders your progress, which ultimately causes you to give up trying to lose weight.  You want to be victorious and you cannot be victorious listening to negative self-talk.  If you fall down, get back up and speak positive self-talk in your spirit.
  12. Do not believe all the information you find on the internet or in books your read.  Just because something is on the internet or in a book, does not make it true.  There is good information presented by many, but take the nuggets that makes sense to you and leave the rest.

Bonus:  It does not matter what it looks like, you stay on your journey!


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  1. Hi Evelyn,

    Thanks for the great article, you bring up so many important points. I believe #5 & #7 are key to a healthy lifestyle. Sugar and simple carbs, which seem to make up a high percentage of the American diet are so destructive. I believe in one of your other articles you mention making a lifestyle change as opposed to dieting, I couldn’t agree more! Great website you have here, happy to have found it!

    • Hi Richard!
      I so agree with you about sugar and simple carbs. Yes, it’s all about making simple and practical lifestyle changes that we can carry with us for the rest of our lives.
      Thank you, and I am glad to meet you.

  2. Great stuff! I like this better than telling me what to eat, that’s for sure. The motivational stuff here lists some things I can use… some that is… 🙂 You know I’ve been doing #8 a lot lately; whew!

  3. Aaron says:

    Great article Evelyn, gotta make sure to watch those hidden fats and sugars in the everyday foods we consume.

  4. Evelyn, great article as usual! The tips are awesome!! However I must disagree that you’re not a weight loss expert. I know you lost a lot of weight a few years ago (I’ve seen the before and after photo with you next to your husband) and you’re maintaining your weight. An expert, in my opinion, is someone that has done what they are trying to coach others to do and that’s you! You always give excellent advice and this comes from a place of life experience and knowledge! Bravo to you!!

    • Hi Ms. Carolyn,
      I hadn’t thought about it like that, but now that you mention it, I am an expert. I need to update this post. 🙂 You know you’re giving me some ideas about the before and after photos. Thanks for brining this to my attention! Blessings and hugs!!

  5. Naomi Teeter says:

    As someone who has sustained a 125 pound weight loss for the last 6 years and became a health coach to help other women do the same… I can certainly say that your list is DEAD ON! So many of my clients struggle with the mindfulness, stress, and negative self-talk aspects (as many of us do)! Get those under control and be kind to yourself… and you’ll be on your way! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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