Get Back Up

Many times on this journey to making healthy lifestyle changes, we fall.  I am the first to admit, that I have fallen and continue to have my days, but one thing we must remember, “Get back up.”

We must get back up and start over again.  It is okay to fall, but don’t stay down and don’t give up.  You must get up.

See what it is that caused you to fall down and let those things serve as a learning experience for you.  Who knows, you could possibly help someone else from the experience you had.

It is not easy to stick to a raw food vegan way of eating, I’m the first to admit that, especially when we’ve been eating a certain way most of our lives.  Give yourself credit for moving in the direction of making those lifestyle changes and get back up.

The key to success with anything is determination, perseverance, and focus.

Don’t let one fall cause you to throw in the towel.  Get back up!

Your health is your wealth!

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15 Comments Get Back Up

  1. Anonymous

    hi evelyn
    how are you?
    this post reminds me of donnie mcclurkins song ‘we fall down but we get up……….’
    we must always remember to get back up even in tough or difficult circumstances. it may be difficult but Gods grace is available
    Take care and have a lovely day

  2. wchingya

    Big or small failures, depressions, we’ve all been there. When we look back, some may still wonder how we got past them? ‘Cause we got back up and move on! No mountain is too hard to climb, if we are to take baby steps, let it. I’m not much of a veggie lover but when think about health, I’m sticking to my balanced diet. Now I’m loving it!:)

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    1. Evelyn

      I really enjoyed your comment. It helped me with some other issues I have been having this week and it is not even diet related, so thank you!

      Way to go with sticking to your diet. Now that’s what I like to hear. :)

  3. Jarrod

    HI Evelyn,

    This reminds me of a scripture, “For a just man falleth seven times, and gets back up.” You are so right we all will fall down in life, but we can’t stay there we have to get back up and not only that allow falls to serve as lessons for us to learn from. This is great advice, thanks for sharing!!

    1. Evelyn

      Hi Jarrod,
      Thanks for sharing the scripture. Everything we need, we can find it in the Word of God. You’re are so right (falls being lessons for us to learn from). Sometimes the fall can nearly break us, but oh, when we get back up, we have so much that we have learned and can share with others.

    1. Evelyn

      Hey BlessedMama,
      Its good to see you! Yeah, we can. It is amazing what we can do, if we simply keep going and not give up. And as you have said, that applies to many things in life, including what we eat. :)

      1. BlessedMama

        Yes, it took me awhile to find you since you moved your location.  I must have missed the post when you announced that.  But, I’ve changed my link, so that others can still find you easily!  Good to see you again, too.

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    Great post Evelyn. It’s important not to beat yourself up. It’s OK to fail as long as you’re moving in the right direction.

    On a side note I commend you on a raw food vegan diet. My GF is vegetarian and former vegan; that diet was pretty restrictive. I go vegetarian for 2-3 weeks at a time then have some fish if anything. No more red meat and cutting chicken out too.

    1. Evelyn

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for stopping by and becoming a fan. :)

      I try to stick to a raw food vegan diet, but sometimes I fall, but I just keep going. I’ve found that being high raw and eating a little cooked food works for me. I think 100% raw can be very restrictive and should be entered into very carefully.

      That’s great that you go 2-3 weeks vegetarian. I know you can feel the difference in your body too. I’m also glad to know that you have made those changes (cutting out red meat and chicken). Great accomplishment! :)

  5. Jimi Jones

    Good advice, Evelyn.
    We all take a fall or a few steps back from time to time, but like you said, get back up!
    It seems that any and everything worth accomplishing in life, comes with a challenge. This is what makes the rewards so sweet. If everything was easy, everyone would be a success.
    Learn from the experiences and be a guiding influence to others.

    1. Evelyn

      Hi Jimi!
      So true what you are saying. I have found that anything rewarding and worth having, I have always had to work extra hard and go that extra mile to get. And like you have said, the rewards are sweet. :)


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