First Awesome Giveaway – NuWave Twister

The time has come for me to have my First GIVEAWAY.  One lucky person will win the NuWave Twister.

About the NuWave Twister

7 Piece Blender Set

The Nu Wave Twister, chops, grinds, grates, mixes or mixes with ease.  The amazing Twister quickly and neatly performs tedious food preparation tasks optimizing your time in the kitchen.  The twister includes the powerful Twister motor, 8 and 4 ounce canisters, two storage lids, a chopping blade and a flat blade.

Contest Entry

All you have to do to enter this contest is leave a comment.  The contest will end on May 15, 2010 at 11:59 PM.  All names will be collected in the order in which your comment was received.  You will be assigned a number and I will use True Random Number Generator to select the winner.

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Your health is your wealth!

41 Comments First Awesome Giveaway – NuWave Twister

  1. Wanda

    I just found you on youtube and am very excited to try the almond butter recipe. Thank you and keep posting. I would love to be entered to win the NuWave Twister and get trying more of your recipes.

    God Bless,

  2. Katia

    Thank You for this chance to win this wonderful prize. You always give good suggestions,recipes and the videos are so awesome.

  3. Kissie

    WooHoo, I'm here.

    I like your new "baby"…. Thanks for the opportunity to own a NuWave Twister. Now, let me go research it.;)

  4. Keliesha

    Hi Evelyn! This is Keliesha (keke52284 on YouTube) and I'd like to enter your contest. I'm so happy that you have started your this website. I actually registered when you first launched! I'd love to win the giveway to make smoothies as well as salsas…pesto…and everything else I can make with it! Thanks again!!

  5. sandra Harris

    your diet is now my diet my skin my hair my health have all change for the best this would help with food preparation thank you so much for most of my change came from following you God Bless

    1. EParham

      Hi Sandra,
      I'm glad that you have seen changes. It really pushes us more to stick with our plans. Blessings of health!

  6. ElleX

    Hi Evelyn, love the new website! I would love to win the NuWave Twister so I can give it to my Mother. I really want her to drink more smoothies (I gave her my old blender when I traded up to a VitaPrep) and this would be perfect for her busy lifestyle.

  7. Patricia Pearson

    Greetings Evelyn! I would love to win the NuWave Twister because I love preparing raw and vegetarian recipes. The NuWave Twister would come in handy so that I would not have to use my bulky food processor or Vitamix all the time. Thank you so very much for your knowledge and educational tools on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

    1. EParham

      Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for entering! The Vita Mix can be quite bulky and not so practical to use at times. You're quite welcome and thanks for your support! :)

  8. rawfoodchick

    Hi Evelyn, I would love to win the twister. This looks like it would be the perfect appliance to make your delicious nut butter. Your recipe came out so creamy and looks delicious. I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

    1. EParham

      Hey Rawfoodchick,
      Thanks for your entry! That was the best Almond Butter I have made as of yet. I was blending up some almonds the other day and noticed, that if I had of kept blending I could have had butter without adding any oil. Thank you for your support! Do you have a blog, I would love to follow you?? Best wishes!

  9. lorretta a walker

    I enjoyed your post "Don't let Nothing Break You." My long term is to be completely raw.

    1. EParham

      Hi Loretta,
      Thanks for entering! I am so glad you enjoyed, "Don't let Nothing break you." My long term goal is the same as yours. I am a work in progress! :) Take care!

  10. Vernetha Ricks

    I continue to follow your blog and youtube because i am learning so much, my family was told in march that my niece who is 18 have lupus so i have been reading and praying . I think this blender would make a great gift for her because it looks light enough for her being that her hands are in pain a lot . i have been making her green smoothies and soups and at first she frowned at the drinks now she ask for them, being so young to hear this type of news is heart breaking when you find out you got into the school of your choice than you are told you have been sick and out of your mind and i mean out of her mind because you have a illness with no cure but we have faith she will beat this no matter what doctors say .thanks evelyn for shareing with us.

    1. EParham

      Hi Vernetha,
      Thanks for entering! I appreciate your continued following and support! Sorry to hear about your niece, but I think she's in good hands with your making her those green smoothies. If you can, try to get some fresh juices in her too. Take care and blessings!

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