19 Must Reads for the Weekend

Hi everyone!

Here are some articles I think you will like.  I read a variety of blogs and you will find a variety of links below.  I usually share 10 must reads, but this time I have a few more. ;)

While you’re making your Internet rounds this weekend, you can also read these articles.  If you like what you read, please leave the blog owner a comment or share their articles.  Our fellow bloggers will be glad you did.  :)

Healthy Living Topics

Inspiration and Personal Development

Blogging and Writing


That’s all folks!

Enjoy your weekend!  :)

Image: Michelle Meiklejohn

23 Comments 19 Must Reads for the Weekend

  1. Steven

    Awesome amount of resources Evelyn. Thanks for sharing! I’m about to go check out some of the links under “Inspiration and Personal Development.” – my forte. ;)

  2. Opal

    Greeting Evelyn,
    What a nice list of blogs, some I’m familiar with but many are new to myself. I’ll definitely be checking them out.
    Thank for the mention. :)

  3. Patricia

    Great list and thanks for the mention :-)
    I love the roundups cos if I’ve missed a great post I can pick it up here and head on over to read and comment. I appreciate the time it must take to do this so kudos to you gal.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  4. Dandy

    Thanks for listing my post among this list. I’ve looked at several of the other links and they are so good and well written. I’m honored to be mentioned by you. Thank you!!

    Much Blessings, Dandy

  5. Devesh - Blokube.com

    Great Roundup. I really like the Jean’s Post. She always create awesome content.

    Thanks for sharing :). Keep up the awesome work.

  6. Zengirl


    Thank you for mentioning my overwhelm post link! It was so thoughtful. I am going to check out all other wonderful links that you shared.


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