Guest Posting: Make it Work for You

Happy Business ManI’ll write a guest post and get a link to my blog. I can even get some decent traffic and possibly gain a few readers.

If you think that all you need to do is write a couple of guest posts and do nothing else, then you are sadly mistaken.

Increasing your traffic and gaining a few readers from guest posting doesn’t magically happen.  You must do more!

There are a few other things you must do. I have noticed that some people write guest posts, but they never return to the blog to reply to the comments they receive. Bad move!

Whenever you write a guest post for Become a Healthier You, you should reply to the comments you receive on your post.

If you don’t reply to your comments you will not post here again.  What’s the point in guest posting, if you’re not participating in the discussion that you started.

Would you visit someone who never replied to you comments? I wouldn’t! Don’t ever write a guest post and then bounce. If you are posting and bouncing, stop it!

A while ago, I posted an article about guest posting. This article questioned if you should guest post or not guest post.

Writing guest posts are great, but when doing so, you’d better give it 100%. Treat the guest post as if it were a post published on your own blog.

Tips to make guest posting work for you.

1. Write quality guest posts. Don’t write a crappy guest post. Providing value to the readers will help you gain visits as well as loyal readers.

2. Let your personality shine through. Show the readers who you are by being yourself. Readers will engage with you more and leave comments on your posts.

3. Reply to comments. Don’t ever allow anyone to discuss topics by themselves. This is never an acceptable practice.

4. Keep writing.

5. Connect with others and network.

5. Be genuine.

Venturing into the world of guest blogging is little scary, but if you do it right, you can reap some awesome benefits and rewards.

  • What do you think about guest blogging?
  • Do you have any guest blogging tips?
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29 Comments Guest Posting: Make it Work for You

  1. Health Blog

    Thanks for the post about guest blogging. In fact I was thinking to start guest blogging at this blog and other blogs with good traffic.
    After reading this post I am thinking to start soon.
    Great post.
    Health Blog recently posted..Treatment of RingwormMy Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Guest blogging is a really good thing to do when wanting to increase your traffic and meet other like-minded bloggers.

      I hope you do it. Let let me know how it turns out!


  2. Sibyl-alternaview

    Evelyn: I totally agree with you about the importance of giving 100% to guest posting. You can’t just release a post and then disappear. It is all about connecting with people and having great conversations. The great thing also is that you get to connect and hear the thoughts of people you may not have known before. Great post and message.
    Sibyl-alternaview recently posted..How to Grow Into The Person You Really Want to BeMy Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Sibyl,

      I totally agree!

      Connecting and having great conversation is what it’s all about. We never know where a connection will take us.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Bryan

    Hey Evelyn,

    I think another thing I like to add is to guest blog on a variety of sites. My opinion is to guest blog on higher traffic blogs than mine and get a wide audience from those blog posts. For me the rule of thumb is also to guest blog at least once a week.
    Bryan recently posted..Timex T5G941 Heart Rate Monitor WatchMy Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Bryan,

      You’re right! It exposes the blogger to a wider audience.

      That’s a smart move (posting on higher traffic blogs)!

      I think I need to adopt your rule of thumb. ;)



  4. Bryan Thompson

    Evelyn, TELL IT LIKE IT IS! Ha ha! I love it! I almost got the impression you were mad when you wrote this. :)

    You’re absolutely spot on. I have learned more about community from blogging (the right way) and what I did so wrong when I wasn’t getting it right. Thanks for bringing the tips.

    Over the last few months, my blog went from having an audience of one (me) to a majorly different demographic. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how that happened as it doesn’t always happen this way to everyone. But I know networking and community building helped.

    ANd now that I welcome guest posters, I have surprisingly strict guidelines much of the time – like they MUST respond to commenters – if nothing else but to thank them. I’m kind of funny like that, but this is what helped me win a readership over. I’m glad you posted this.
    Bryan Thompson recently posted..Do You Ever Feel Like a FailureMy Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Bryan,

      I think your impression is correct. I am not mad, but more frustrated than anything. I guess you say I am both. :) I wanted to write this post some time ago, but I left it alone. I am glad the post is published and now I feel much beter.

      It does not surprise me that your audience/readership has increased. You are a writer who has skills, in my opinion. :) There is no way to go, but up. You are good networker too.

      You have the same guideline as I have. I waited a little too late to speak up about it. Better late than never.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny

    Hello Evelyn,
    I’ve had great success with people guest posting on my blog. I completely agree with you about the importance of the guest blogger responding to comments left by people reading their guest post.

    Yes, I can answer or keep the conversation going, but it really makes a difference to most of us when we feel like we’re speaking to the original author.

    Plus, I always feel like inviting that guest author to guest post again.
    Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny recently posted..How To Stay Young From The Inside Out – Win Everytime You Play Rock Paper ScissorsMy Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Cheryl,

      Welcome to my blog!

      That’s great! Re: Your great success with people guest posting.

      I have cut back on keeping the conversation going. I do not feel I can provide a good response, especially when I did not write the article.

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

      Take care,


  6. Uttoran Sen

    Nice post Evelyn, i have always considered guest blogging as the best way of building links. And as you said, it does not stop at that, you gain readership, subscribers, traffic and much more. However, all this will only be possible if one does it properly.

    Replying to the comments is only the basic requirement, there is much more to it. One has to promote the article, a link is only as strong as the article is. We all tweet and share our guest posts, but unless the post is linked from other guest posts that we will make in the future, the work will be half done.

    Also, i would like to add that, guest posts are much more important than those posts that we make on our own blogs. You should always show your best face on a guest post, that post should be loads better than the regular posts you make on your own blog. Treat guest post as an opportunity, like addressing a crowd that has not come to listen to you, but has come to listen to someone who has built it up, that someone is giving you the opportunity to use that platform. Use it well and take home some part of that crowd to your own blog for your own good.
    Uttoran Sen recently posted..Visit a Dentist More – So You Need Them LessMy Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Uttoran,

      You provide some very good tips. I’m taking notes, my friend!

      Promotion is key!

      Yeah, showing our best face is crucial. I’m always a nervous wreck when I submit a post to another site. The nervousness comes from me wanting to write the best article possible.

      Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

      Take care,


  7. Patricia

    Hi Evelyn

    I agree with all the tips you have shared on Guest Posting here. I have done a couple of GP and loved it. Although must admit that it is a lot of extra work. With different time zones I found I was staying up very late to answer comments and also making sure the post was tweeted at different times to get maximum exposure.

    My main reason for doing the GP was not for extra traffic to my site. That is just a nice bonus if it happens. I was wanting to introduce the blog owners to my regular readers and also it was great to meet the blog owners own readers too. So being supportive of others is important. Also, as they are blogs I visit regularly; wanted others to see the quality of the blogs I was posting on. This was definitely not about me!

    Have been invited by a couple of high PR sites to GP on their sites. Haven’t taken up the offers yet. I don’t think it is all about getting backlinks and exposure although they are great bonuses. Have to be able to add to the blog and on some sites I do not have the expertise to write on the topics they share. Nice to be invited though and maybe later in my blogging journey I will have something to add ;-)

    When I GP I want to give information that will be helpful to the readers of that particular blog. If I meet new bloggers/marketers that is great. In fact some have come to check out my blog and they are now regular readers :-)

    And as I answer all comments on my own blog; I certainly do the same when I am the visitor on other sites. I have only just started to have Guest Posters on my blog. It is by invitation only; although I get emails asking to GP on my site regularly.

    Really want to keep my own voice on my site and hopefully when I GP elsewhere I add to the blog and give heaps back. It is a privilege to be invited to be published on another’s blog. This should be done with respect to the blog owner. Guest Posting can be a great experience if done in the right way.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia recently posted..Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap- Lavender- 16-Ounce Bottles Case of 6My Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Patricia,

      You’re sharing some good information about guest posting. I love your reasons for guest posting. Your reasons actually are some of the reasons why I guest post. There are some people who will ask if they will get a back link on their guest posts. Some will even demand they get a back link in exchange for guest posting. That really turns me off and sometimes, I don’t respond. I think that is rude, but at least they are being upfront.

      I think you’re doing a good thing by holding off on submitting your guest posts to the blogs with higher PR. That’s a wise move!

      I admire you a great deal, because you put so much of yourself in making sure things are done the right way.

      Thanks for sharing and chiming in!



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  9. Dandy

    Hi Evelyn,
    Great tips. I love that you reply to your comments! That’s a big reason why I keep coming back to your blog. I love having a connection and dialoge. I’ve grown bored with blogs that never comment and I usually end up deleating those from my google reader. I mean what’s the point? It’s like trying to talk to a magazine. So I’m trying to follow in your lead and run my blog the same way you do! Thanks so much Evelyn!!!
    Dandy recently posted..The tragedy of self-deception and the gift of honestyMy Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Dandy,

      Thanks, I appreciate you. I love seeing you work your blog. You’re doing a wonderful job.

      Yeah, I do the same thing. What’s the point??

      Take care and enjoy your day,


    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Jennifer,

      I appreciate your guest posts here. You are an awesome example of a guest blogger who get’s it done. I’m taking notes. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by,


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