Soy Does Not Work for Menopausal Women

woman with headacheSoy is a very controversial food product.  So much so that people have long drawn out debates about if soy is good for you or if it is bad for you.  Who really knows?

A study finds that soy does not help relieve menopausal symptoms or help prevent bone loss.

The thinking behind this study is that Asian women eating soy have little to no menopausal issues, then surely it can help other women.

Soy actually ended up doing nothing for the menopausal women.  The study consisted of women within an age range of 45-60 who were all five years into starting menopause.

At the start of this study each woman had at least one of the menopausal symptoms, with hot flashes being the most common.  After these women started taking the soy supplement, their hot flashes did not get any better.  Their hot flashes actually stayed the same;  while the women taking the placebos had less hot flashes.

Conclusion of Study:

The study found that the daily consumption of 200 mg of soy isoflavones for 2 years did nothing to prevent bone loss or menopausal symptoms.

Read more about this study on Time:  Healthland.

Recommendation:  If you have menopausal symptoms and want relief, try eating more whole plant-based foods, especially green leafy vegetables and lay off the processed foods.  There are herbs that can help too.

Disclaimer:  I am not in any way giving medical advice.  Seek the advice of a physician before making any lifestyle changes.

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  1. taufan

    well, some women says that they feel really different after taking soy. Soy maybe consider as one of alternative treatment to war menopause and some women feel better after taking it.

    every treatments have different result, that’s come also for soy :)

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Taufan,

      Yeah, that’s true. There was some research done on this topic and what the researchers found is that soy really didn’t have much of an affect on women and menopause. I have a post about it. I guess it really depends on the person, because everyone is different.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. ElleX

    Evelyn, this is an interesting study. I believe that what you eat, what you put on your skin, and your mental state play a big role in menopausal symptoms. I am menopausal and have suffered more than my fair share of hot flashes. As long as I am on a fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds (mostly raw) eating regimen, stay away from parabens, and keep a positive point of view, I have little to no hot flashes. I do not eat soybeans as I am sensitive to soy.* But for many,it can be an excellent source of protein. I do abhor soybean by-products, however. Manufacturers have put it in just about every product under the sun. It’s a pity.

    *I was diagnosed by my Naturopathic MD as soy and gluten sensitive after doing bloodwork, changing my eating regimen and noting that my symptions subsided.


    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hey Elle,

      Yes it is! I agree with you!

      I appreciate you sharing how things are going. Eating a plant-based diet, really does help things.

      Yeah, soy is in so many food products and it is a pity.

      Wow, again, thank you for sharing how things are going for you. There is hope! ;)

  3. Kay Wilson

    Quite often these studies are funded by pharmaceutical companies, perhaps one that has an estrogen product to sell, so good idea to follow the money and take most with a grain of salt until you are sure of the type of study done.

    Big grants are donated to universities by drug companies
    to ensure results.

    One such study done at the University of Arizona was done on St John’s Wort, an herb used for centuries for depression, study results said St, John’s Wort did not work. Study was founded by company that makes anti depressant drug. Interesting huh?

    1. nixon

      yes u r abslty right.,.i regularly take soy. And i say soy is a great source of energy for our body

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