• Why I Eat a Vegan / Plant-Based Diet

  • mixed-saladMonique from Brown Vegan wrote a post “Why I Stay a Vegan“and while reading her post, I asked myself why I continue eating a vegan diet. Everyone who eats a vegan diet does so for different reasons. But as you will see, overtime my reasons for sticking with a vegan diet evolved.

    Health Reasons

    When I began my journey to eating a vegan diet / plant-based diet, it was mostly for health reasons. Over time, I have experienced a renewing of my health. I don’t feel like I am a 40-year-old. Then again, how does a 40-year-old feel? I hope not bad, but I do know some who have challenges.

    All I can say is that I feel lighter (mentally, physically, and spiritually), have great regularity, my skin looks the best it has looked in a long time, I look feel and look younger than I really am, and I am not overweight. I don’t see myself returning to an animal-based diet any time soon.

    Ethical Reasons

    I never started eating vegan for ethical reasons, but the longer I stay on this path, the more compassionate I am toward animals. I know as a vegan, I am not supposed to wear anything that comes from an animal, or even use products that have animal ingredients.

    I am moving toward this way of life. I don’t intentionally go out and buy clothing that comes from an animal. I still have some personal care products that do have animal ingredients in them. But I make sure I buy products that specifically say on the label, “no animal cruelty.”

    I never thought I would get to this point in my journey, but I feel good about the growth and change.

    Final Thoughts

    Whatever your reasons are for choosing a vegan diet, do know that you will evolve, just like I have. Evolution is quick for some and gradual for others.

    The longer you stick with eating a vegan diet, you will find it creeping into every aspect of your life. Soon it will be a way of life for you. It happened for me and I continue growing.

    Discussion: Why did you decide to eat a vegan diet and how has things changed since starting the vegan diet?

    Image: Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net