10 Raw Foods to Boost your Metabolism



This is a guest post written by Uttroan Sen.

We eat food and gain calories, then our body burn it to get energy out of it. How fast the calories are burnt, depends on our metabolism. The better our metabolism rate, the more likely we will burn off the extra calorie and lose weight. There are a number of factors that influences our metabolism rate, like age, sex, fitness, diet, lifestyle, etc.

We had covered another raw food list recently, it was a truer raw list, this one however is more focused towards metabolism but people can argue whether yogurt should fall in the raw foods list. Yogurt is certainly not cooked; it is naturally made, so I thought to include it into this list.

Here in this article, we will discuss some raw foods that will increase your metabolism rate and help you lose your extra weight.

1) Water – To burn calories, your body always need water, and if you let your body get de-hydrated chances are your metabolism rate will go down very quickly. So always make sure to keep drinking enough water.

2) Green/red chili pepper – Spicy foods boost metabolism rate. So if you eat a bit of chili pepper, both green and red will do, then your rate of burning calories will improve. Also, jalapenos are another good addition here as it has a chemical called capsaicin that further boosts metabolism.

3) Beans – when digesting Protein, our body burns much more calories, so a good amount of protein in the diet always helps. All lean protein is good, as it helps in building muscles that improves metabolism.

4) Green tea – Among many other health benefits, green tea also boosts metabolism rate of your body. So make sure to drink this variety of tea.

5) Coffee – One cup of coffee in the morning, who would not like to have and it will give you a slight metabolism boost as well.

6) Yogurt – pro-biotic is very healthy for your stomach, improves digestion and boosts metabolism as well. Yogurt, has many other health benefits, but most of all, it is full of protein which requires a lot of calories to break it down.

7) Almonds – It is a high calorie food but is also rich in essential fatty acids that increases the metabolism rate.

8) Apple – A high fiber content food that requires a lot of calories to break down, thus boosts metabolism.

9) Spinach – Might not be tasty, but foods such as spinach, broccoli etc. are great when it comes to boosting metabolism.

10) Oatmeal – Another food that takes a long time to breakdown which in turn improves metabolism rate.

Usually, metabolism goes down with low calorie diets, the less than 1000 calories diets etc. are generally the cause of metabolism drops. Never starve, always make sure to eat something. The best way is to eat small portion of food from time to time, say ever 3 to 4 hours time, and take a small meal. This approach is far better than having just 2 or 3 meals in a day. Another thing one must be careful is about the intake of enough vitamins and especially the vitamin B group.

Apart from the food, make sure to exercise well. More muscle means higher metabolism rate. However, aerobic exercises are equally important for boosting metabolism rate. So go for complete exercise routine.

Eat healthy and exercise well to have a good and healthy metabolism rate.

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  1. Stephanie Mario

    Drinking water is what I’m really good at, I can’t spend a day without drinking a lot of it. I hate spicy foods but this list kept me thinking if I really need to stay away from it.

  2. Ambika Mahajan

    I am sure all weight loss enthusiasts are gonna love this write-up!
    A good rate of metabolism not only helps get rid of many digestive disorders and problems like acidity/ GERD but also helps keep weight under control.

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