Blogging Goals for 2013


2013-bloggingThe year 2012 was not a good blogging year.  I had other responsibilities and it was hard to juggle those responsibilities and blog and as a result my blogging routine suffered.

I observed that when I do not stick with a blogging routine that other areas suffer as well.

I enjoy blogging and I know that success comes from putting in the time.  I do not want to have another year in blogging like 2012.

Here are my blogging goals for 2013:

have a schedule for blogging duties and stick with it

  • write quality content
  • have a regular posting schedule
  • be more active on social networking sites
  • comment on other blogs that I read and support
  • unplug from the internet on the weekends.

More on Blogging Goals

#1 Blogging Schedule for Blogging Duties

There is more to blogging than writing and publishing those articles.

Creating a schedule for writing, commenting, and spending time on social networking sites are just a few blogging duties that you should fit in your blogging schedule.

#2  Write Quality Content

Writing quality content is simple, but oftentimes very challenging.

Quality content is content that is beneficial, informative and helpful to those who read and discover the content that you share.

#3  Regular Posting Schedule

Decide  how often you will post articles on your blog and do your best to stay on schedule.

#4  Social Networking Sites

Make the time to network on other social networking sites.  They are powerful platforms that widen your reach.

Social networking sites are excellent ways to reach and meet people who have similar interests.  It is also a good way to drive a little more traffic to your site, that you would not ordinarily get.

#5  Comment on other Blogs

Take the time to comment on other blogs.  I have noticed that when I do not comment regularly on other blogs, the number of comments on my blog decrease.

Commenting on other blogs is also another way to increase the traffic to your site.

#6  Unplug on the Weekends

I will unplug on the weekends (best time for me), which means that I will not do blogging duties or activities on the weekends.  Too much of anything is not a good thing.

Staying plugged in can lead to blogger burn out and that is something you do not want.

Final Thoughts

If you want blogging success you have to go get it.  Success will not knock your door, you have to knock on the door of success.  In some cases you have to keep on knocking until you get what you want.

Never stop knocking on the door of success!

Discussion:  What are your blogging goals for 2013?  Do share!

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6 Comments Blogging Goals for 2013

  1. msfullroller

    Happy New Year!! Love the tips Evelyn and will definitely take them into consideration.

    As far as my blogging goals for 2013 in addition to what you’ve posted, mostly to blog about things I’ve been wanting to talk about but been afraid to do so.

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hey Ms. Fullroller!

      Glad you stopped by! I hope all is well with you.

      You know, the topics that we are afraid of talking about are usually those posts that are some of our most popular posts. Go for it! Looking forward to reading what you have in store for us.

      Have a wonderful new year!


  2. Carolyn Akens

    Great advice, Evelyn. It was tough for me to keep up with the blog on my site in 2012, and 2013 will be different. Like you, no work on the weekend and for me that begins on Friday afternoon. :-)

  3. Aqiyl Henry

    I don’t have much to say because you said it all. Because I am new to the blogging world I do put in work on the weekends. I figure I have one more year of this routine before I can slow down on the weekends. I am a newbie with only 6 months under my belt. :)

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