Being and Staying True to Yourself

happy-woman-looking-forwardJust because someone says that a certain food is good for you doesn’t mean that you have to buy it and start eating it.  Are you true to yourself or do you follow the crowd?

The articles that I publish on Mondays are meant to inspire and motivate you.  These are posts that get you thinking and reflecting on things going on within you and in your life.

A Short Story

When I was a teenager, I wanted to fit in.  Everything the other classmates were doing, I wanted to do it too.  If everyone was wearing a certain kind of shoe or dressed a certain way, I wanted to do the same.

There came a time in my high school years, when I did not care if I dressed like the other classmates.  I was in my senior year when I finally realized that it was okay for me to be me. People like you more when you are your genuine self.  I liked being myself and standing out from the rest.

It is the differences that we have that make the world what it is.  If everyone looked the same and did the same things, then it would be a very boring world.

As I ventured off to college, I did my own thing and I did not get caught up in being like others.  Even though I joined a sorority, I did not let that define who I was and how I related to my other friends who where not a member of a sorority or a fraternity.

Fast forward to today.  There are many things that I do that other people do not do.  Sometimes people will boldly share what they think I should and should not do.

I am a good listener, but I always do what I know is best for me and not what the other person thinks I should do.

If I had followed other people’s recommendations and suggestions, I would not be where I am today.

A Message To You

If you are on a path that you know is right for you, do not allow anyone to come in and get you off the path that you are traveling.

You must decide within yourself that you will not allow anyone or anything to have control over the decisions that you make for yourself.

If you want to eat a plant-based diet, go for it.  There will be naysayers and people who will think that you have lost your mind, but continue traveling on the path and get with those people who are supportive of what you are doing.

If you are on a weight loss journey, go for it.  There will be those who will not be supportive in your efforts of losing weight, but again, get with those who are supportive of you and believe in what you are doing.

Never allow other people to have control over the choices you make for yourself.  When you start allowing others to have control, then you are no longer living for yourself, but for others.

Always be true to yourself, never follow the crowd.  Be a trailblazer!

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18 Comments Being and Staying True to Yourself

  1. Kelly

    Evelyn, this post struck such a chord with me. When I was younger I didn’t fit in and I desperately wanted to be liked. I was seeking validation from others. It was hard for me to make friends.

    Now I have learned that validation has to come from myself, not others. I have a good job, I work out, I’m well read and well traveled. I don’t need anyone to validate me and I don’t seek it. It’s funny but now I have more friends than I have time for!
    Kelly recently posted..How to shrink your stomachMy Profile

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Kelly,

      Exactly! Validation somes from within.

      See what we can do when we take the focus off being validated by others. Wow, thanks for sharing you experience with us, Kelly!

  2. Laxmi

    Hello Evelyn,

    “Be Yourself” This is what exactly people should realize. Instead of giving importance to others words, they should give importance to themselves and enjoy their uniqueness.


    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hey Kymberly!

      You and Alexandra must have had a time in high school.

      Having balance is definitely something to keep in mind.

      Thanks for chiming in and giving me something to think about. ;)

  3. Carolyn Akens

    Evelyn, great article! Too many people are followers and not many leaders. One day I hope people will learn to NEVER allow anyone to “think” for them. We should do our own due diligence about something we’re interested in and not play follow the leader. Just because someone tells you it raining doesn’t mean it is especially when the two of you are standing in the same sun surrounded by a beautiful blue sky!

    Blessings to you, Evelyn!

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hi Ms. Carolyn Akens,


      Love your example about being surrounded by a beautiful sky and being told that it is raining. I know this goes deeper than weather and I get it. :)

      I think some people are afraid to not follow someone, but there comes a time, when you have to just be the leader of yourself (think for yourself). Who knows you better than you do?

      Thanks for stopping by!



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