Water Fasting – Day 3

I am updating you about how day-3 (March 3) of my water fast went.  Let’s get to it!

  • My energy level wasn’t the best.
  • I felt a little weak.
  • I rested when I needed to rest.
  • The thought of food and me eating has gone away.
  • I had cold feet, but eventually this went away.
  • Still trying to drink more water.

Overall day-3 went fine.  I did not have to expend much energy, because I rested most of the day, but I could definitely feel that my energy level was not like it usually is.

That’s all folks.

Until next time….


2 Comments Water Fasting – Day 3

  1. KymberlyFunFit

    Lawdy, but nothing about this seems fun. Sorry your energy is low, but that is interesting that you are not craving food. I promise to never compete with you on a water fast. Aaaaaalllllll yours and BEST WISHES. Almost halfway there Evelyn!

    1. Evelyn Parham

      Hey Kymberly,

      As I reply to you I am on day 5, and my energy level is almost back to normal. I’m glad about that.

      I’m not craving food, but I sure am thinking about what I am going to eat after I come off the fast. :)




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