• smiling-architect-holding-blueprintThis is a guest post written by Eli King.

    I always find June a time to re-assess my goals. We are half way through the year, so it’s a good time to look back at my new years resolutions and re-assess. How many have I accomplished? Do I still want to work towards the others? Have my priorities changed…

    I usually create a second list of goals that I want to achieve. But the question is, how many of those resolutions get forgotten? We try so hard for the first few weeks of the year and then we lose interest, or it becomes too hard.

    Here is my simple blueprint to really make those habits stick for good!

    Take it only 1 step at a time. Often trying to do too many things at once overwhelms us. Take one of your goals – losing weight for example – and work on one step for the next 30 days. For example you might work on exercising every day for 30 days. Then you might work on cutting out processed food for 30 days, then you might focus on eating more vegetable, or drinking more water.

    Build your healthy lifestyle one brick at a time. Take time to get each thing right, to make it a habit before you try adding something else.

    This will work for any habit you want to include in your life. Try each one for 30 days before moving on to the next.

    Here is a list of 30-day projects you could try:

    1. Go to bed / get up earlier
    2. Watch less TV
    3. Exercise every day
    4. Eat Clean Food
    5. Be a Vegetarian
    6. Run 1km every day
    7. Do 10 push ups every day
    8. Quit smoking
    9. Write an email to a friend or family member
    10. Only check your email once a day
    11. Study for 1 hour every day
    12. Watch a daily documentary
    13. Read for 30 minutes – just for fun
    14. Give up facebook
    15. Drink 2L of water
    16. Switch to decaf
    17. Do something for yourself
    18. Go for a walk every morning
    19. Meditate
    20. Phone a friend just for a chat

    Discussion:  What habit will you work on first?


    About:  Eli is a Personal Trainer based in Brisbane, Australia.  She blogs over at www.elikingfitness.com providing health tips, free workouts and motivation.


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    Hi Eli, Thanks for such a timely post! I am currently preparing for a juice fast and re-accessing things as well and there are many things that I will do for 30-days. Taking baby steps is what works best for me, because when I try to do it all at once, I end up messing up. Thanks again and have a great day! Evelyn


    I am really good on most of these except #10. I love to check my email, as I'm always hoping something good will appear.


    Hi, I love your post and the list as well. How I wish I could somehow try the suggested lists, I mean I’m not good at following specific agenda. Anyway, out of 20 I am happy to say I can follow 8 tips (at least rather than none): 1. Watch less TV (I don’t watch TV mostly) 2. Eat Clean Food (always, I’m allergic to dirty foods) 3. Be a Vegetarian (oh I love veggies and can live without meat you know) 4. Quit smoking (nah! I don’t smoke) 5. Write an email to a friend or family member (always, especially my husband he is working abroad) 6. Read for 30 minutes – just for fun (not just 30 minutes… it’s my favorite past time lol) 7. Drink 2L of water (Sure! I can live without food but not water) 8. Do something for yourself (eat…a lot! haha)