• Letting Go of Toxic People in your Life

  • female-talking-phone-stop-gestureThere are times in your life when you cross paths with a toxic person.  You may not realize that the person is a toxic person until after you have gotten to know the person.

    A toxic person is one who drains of your energy, by taking more than they give.  This person wears down your spirit.  Most of the time the toxic person shows up in your life because they see something in you that they need.

    It is not about material things for the toxic person, but more about having their emotional and mental needs met.  This person is also focused on themselves.

    A toxic person is often:  negative, gossips about others, mentally ill, jealous, judgmental, inconsiderate, etc.

    Here’s a short story about how I caught up with a toxic person.

    I had a friendship with a person that started out with the person showing interest in me and the work that I do.  Be ware of these kinds of people.  The so-called friend flattered me with compliments, which at the time, I thought was strange, but I did not think much of it.

    As the friendship grew, I found myself exhausted each time I spoke with the person.  I had headaches after speaking with the person.  I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained from listening to the other person’s problems and the issues they had with themselves and with other people.

    I soon found myself avoiding the person’s telephone calls, because it had become too much for me. I also had my own personal issues.  I tried confiding in the person about a personal concern I had, but they did not show much interest.  This is when I finally realized that I was dealing with a toxic person.

    Today, I no longer deal with people who drain my life energy.  I avoid negative people like a plague.  I not only want to be in good physical health, but I also want to have good mental, emotional and spiritual health.

    Toxic people put a damper on your overall health and that is something you do not need in your life.

    Let the Toxic Person Go (tips)

    It is hard letting a toxic person go, but you have to do it for the sake of your health.  Toxic people are selfish and they do not care about anyone, but themselves.

    1. End the friendship.  If possible, let the person know you need to end the friendship.  Be gentle with their feelings and let them know that ending the friendship is not about them, but more about you and your health.
    2. Stop enabling the person. Do not give the person an opportunity to dump their problems and concerns on you.  Change the topic or end the conversation, but whatever you do, do not let them take your energy.
    3. Stop all forms of communication.  No meet-ups, phone calls, emails, etc.
    4. Forgive the person.  Do not hold a grudge against the person.  Forgive and forget and move on.
    5. Exercise.  Exercising helps relieve mental and physical tensions.
    6. Preserve your health.  Detaching yourself from toxic people is good for you because it helps you preserve your own mental and emotional health.

    Final Words

    Recognize those in your life who drain you and make you feel sick.  These are the people that you do not need in your life.

    You are not a bad person for letting go of the toxic person and do not give anyone the power of making you feel otherwise.

    Put your health first, and that goes for your spiritual, mental, and physical health;  the whole you.  Remember when any part of you is out of order, then other parts of you will be out of order as well.

    Love yourself and your health enough to let go!

    Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net