Spring Detox 2014 Update – Days 1, 2, & 3


Some of the foods I ate (days 1-3)

I started my Spring detox on April 14th, with the assistance of Chef and Health Coach, Carolyn Akens.

Today, I share with you how I did, during the first three days.

The first three days were rough, because I was fatigued and had low energy.  This is normal, but I thought that this shouldn’t be happening to me, but I guess I was wrong.

The number one reason why I was fatigued and had low energy was because I was not having bowel movements.  My elimination was very slow and things didn’t start moving until days two and three.

By day three, I had very good bowel movements and as a result of this, the fatigue went away and my energy level improved.

The big take home lesson is that we must have daily bowel movements.  If elimination is slow, then it can make you fatigued.

Below is my video chronicling days 1-3, if you have trouble viewing the video, then click here.


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  1. Trinity

    Thanks for sharing, Evelyn. I have learned that proper elimination is so important. When I don’t properly eliminate, I’ve noticed the bloated feeling and irritability. I have also learned that it is good ( for me) when I have a set time for eliminating. When that time is interrupted, I can definitely tell!

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