5 Actions to Take When You Notice Your Weight Creeping Up

weight-increasing-belly-fatNoticing an increase in your weight is a hard pill to swallow. It is already hard for some of us to get on a scale to check our weight and when we notice the number on the scale gradually increasing, it is time to take notice and to do something about it. In today’s post I share with you five actions to take when you notice your weight creeping up.

My Intermittent Fasting Story

I began noticing my weight increasing in June and I had been intermittent fasting for about a month.

I confided in a friend about the 2-3 pound gain I noticed and that I thought I needed to stop intermittent fasting. But for some reason I did not stop intermittent fasting and my weight kept creeping up.

Side note: The total weight I have gained is 7 pounds. This is not a lot, but enough for me to take notice and change my strategy. My weight gain is mostly around the middle and in the thighs. I refuse to blame my age on the weight gain, because I believe age is minor, but food choices are major.

I wanted intermittent fasting to work for me, so I stuck with it. It wasn’t until this month (September) that I finally realized that I needed to stop intermittent fasting and stick with an eating schedule that works best for me.

I do not blame intermittent fasting for my weight gain, but I believe it played a role. Intermittent fasting is a good way to lose fat, but for some women it is just not the best route to go. I am one of those women who cannot do intermittent fasting.

I ate two meals a day with an 8-hour window for eating meals. When it was time for my second meal, I would eat the meal, but I always felt I needed more food.

I was hungry, what more can I say. As a result, I began overeating. It was my way or should I say my body’s way of letting me know that I needed more food/nutrients.

My food choices were not always the best choices. But I do know that my eating rhythm was off which resulted in me trying to cram the  in that I needed.

I realize now, that it is best that I eat on a schedule, spacing out the meals so I meet the daily recommendations of nutrients that my body needs.

I could not continue on the intermittent fasting path any longer. As bad as I wanted it to work, I had to give it up. I believe it was wreaking havoc on my eating rhythm causing me overeat.

5 Action Steps to Take

There are many actions you can take when you notice your weight creeping up (it ultimately depends on your personal situation), but these five action steps are a result of my experience.

I share these steps with you because: 1.) It may help you 2.) I always want to stay transparent with you 3.) Living healthy is a life long process which results in learning, experimenting, growing, and changing.

1. Let go of following a certain eating protocol. If you notice that what you are doing is not working for you stop. Do what you know works best for you.

2. Go to sleep at a decent time. It is not enough to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. The time you get in bed is just as important as how many hours you sleep.

3. Stop eating foods loaded with refined sugar. Sugar can throw lots of things off in your body. It is always best to avoid refined sugar as much as you can.

4. Eat out less. Prepare and cook your own meals as often as you can. This way you know exactly what’s in the food you eat.

5. Acknowledge you are stressed and deal with it. There is no reason for you to pretend you are a strong woman/man. If you get tired of being strong, stop trying and just be.

Being strong is stressful, especially when you know deep down you are at your breaking point. Take time to take care of yourself. Spend quality time with yourself. It is during these times of self-care when you are able to acknowledge your stress and begin dealing with it.

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