5 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Day

Sometimes you will need a little boost, a little pick me up on this journey of becoming a healthier you.  Below are 5 quotes that will give you the boost you need.

Quote #1 “The ground work for all happiness is good health.” – Leigh Hunt

When you have good health you are a happier person.  When you get sick, your happiness gets buried under circumstances you are dealing with at the time.  The mind and body are connected and when either one is not in tune, there will be an imbalance.  Strive for happiness!

Quote #2 “True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.”  – Humboldt

Always exercise your mind, by reading and learning something new everyday.  Move your body everyday and watch your mental and physical go where they have never gone before.  The enjoyment of keeping your mind and body active keeps you young and alert.   Never stop learning and moving!

Quote #3 “The principle is competing against yourself.  It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.”  -Steve Young

Compete against no one on your journey to becoming a healthier you.  If you slip you know you can do better the next day, but don’t ever compare your journey to another person’s journey.  You will end up failing every time.

Quote #4 “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”  – Aristotle

If you repeatedly put junk (unhealthy foods) in your body, then it will become a habit and the result will be poor health, obesity and a host of other things.  But if you put healthy, life-giving foods in your body then you will reap amazing benefits and you will feel it in your mind, body, spirit and soul.  Make it a practice to put the good stuff in your body (most of the time), then it will become a habit.

Quote #5 “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  – George Elliot

As long as there is breath in your body, you have a chance to become the person you want and to meet the goals that you have set.  Keep pushing and never give up!

Do you have any words of wisdom?  Please share your golden nuggets in comment section!

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  1. Ara says:

    Oh, I have so many motivational quotes that I love reading over and over again. Here’s one of them:

    Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things,but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you. – Jim Rohn

  2. Max says:

    Depression is a serious topic. There’s so many people who suffer from this. I think if we could open our eyes and ears a little more, we could help a few people.

    Here’s another nice motivational quote to finish:

    “Have the passion, take the action & magic will happen.”
    Bar Rafaeli

    Thanks for this beautiful post Evelyn

    • Hey Max!

      Yes it is!

      I totally agree with you about being observant/paying attention to others, can definitely help.

      Love your quote that you shared. I will always remember this one. 🙂

      Take care and thanks for stopping by!


  3. Aschatria says:

    In fact a first reaction which I have in the morning is: here we go again and where is my coffee.
    Of course before i can get the cup, I need to tidy up everything and everybody else- so before I even open my eyes- I spend more calories that usual person who get up and sit to have a breakfast.

  4. Love this post. And so inspirational 🙂 Thanks for sharing how to keep our minds in tune to good thoughts; excellent way to start the day.

  5. Tatianna says:

    I just discovered you blog by a complete accident and I really love it. I love that you write on a different variety of subjects. I am my self a big quote lover because I believe we are all mirrors of others in one way or another.

  6. Eddie Gear says:

    Awesome list of quotes. Enjoyed reading all of them. They are surely inspiring.

  7. Ching Ya says:

    I knew it would be a great day (Monday) to read some encouraging quotes. 🙂 I particularly enjoy the first one ‘he ground work for all happiness is good health’ – obviously I’m resting more recently due to health condition in order to come back full force by year end (hopefully). What I learned from this process is regardless how ambitious one may have for their career, in the end, we need to focus what’s truly important in life and not regretting for losing part of ourselves due to work. I believe that’s part of self-development in life too – learning when to strive and when to stop (if need to). Will write a post then to tell the story too on why I’ve been in hiatus for months. Until then, pray for good health and joy in your life, my friend. Hugs!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Hi Ching,

      I’m happy to see you here!

      I knew something was going on, because I haven’t seen you around lately. I’m so glad you stopped by to let me know what was going on. I’ll keep you in my prayers and I hope you have a great recovery and return stronger and fiercer than ever.

      I look forward to reading your story about your hiatus. I’m sure we will learn many lessons from you.

      Take good care of yourself, Ching! Hugs back at you!


  8. Alex says:

    Ok, i’m definitely writing these on my wall. With the rest of the quotes. When i actually get to do it, cause i’ve been thinking of this for a while now. Imagine waking up in the morning, first thing you see are quotes like these reminding you of how you have to be.
    Does this make me a little crazy? 🙂

  9. Health Votes says:

    excellent quotes, i like the 4th one, it is all down to what habits we make. Good habits will always keep us in proper shape and happy, while the bad ones will keep hunting us down…

  10. bonnie says:

    Great site. Glad I found you. New podcaster, blogger, tweeter. Please follow me as well and check me out on blog talk radio please. http://tinyurl.com/wizwmndo
    Face Book as Wise Women Do.

  11. Kathy says:

    I am a sucker for these motivational quotes. Some years ago, I bought a book by Napoleon Hill that had one motivational quote for each day of the year. I retyped each and every one of those so I could print them out and hang them in my office.

    I find that it helps to be reminded of the path you should stay on. If you don’t stay focused on it, then you end up straying away from it too easily. Thanks for the motivation.

    • Evelyn says:

      Hi Kathy,
      That’s cool that you did that. As long as it helped you stay focused and on point, then that’s all that matters.
      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you received some motivation. 🙂

      Take care!

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