5 Things That Make Me Happy

Mitch Mitchell of I’m Just Sharing.com, shared five things that makes him happy.  Mitch requested that viewers share what makes them happy in a video.

I decided to reply to Mitch on my blog, since I have video issues at the moment.

I enjoyed Mitch’s video and he has happiness written all over him.  Check out Mitch’s video below or view on You Tube.



In the spirit of the season and at Mitch’s request, I share with you five things that make me happy.


#1   The Laughter of a Child

I love hearing the laughter of a child.  It warms my heart, gives me joy and makes me feel so good.



I love this photo of my nephew. He’s now a teenager.


#2  Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables

I love the produce section of a grocery store.  I’m in heaven when I am at a Farmers Market.  I love browsing and looking at nature’s bounty because there is life in what comes from nature.


#3  The Beauty of Nature

Hearing the chirping of birds, watching the squirrels, or seeing deer in my yard makes me happy.  Taking a walk in nature is calming.  It is a quiet reminder that there is a wonderful creator.


#4  Helping Others

It doesn’t matter what kind of help I give a person, I am happy knowing that I am able to help them.


#5  Kindness from Others

The kindness that I receive from strangers makes me happy.  Someone holding a door open for me, smiling, saying, “hello” or “thank you” makes me smile.


Discussion:  What are five things that make you happy?  Do share!


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  1. That’s a great list, and I thank you for the wonderful share as well. Children, babies; that’s where we connect. 🙂 Course you know me; “beautiful” and “fruits” and “vegetables” never belong in the same sentence unless separated by quotation marks. 😉

  2. Your list makes me want to be a better person! I, too LOVE the sound of happy children. As well, walking outdoors always lifts my spirits. I would add “playing with my dog” for my list.

  3. Aqiyl Aniys says:

    1) My connection to God
    2) My ability to smile
    3) My ability to laugh
    4) My ability to be in Peace
    5) Energy

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