7 Reasons Why You Need to Detox Your Body

cucumber-juiceHave you noticed that people are talking about detoxing and that people are offering detox programs now?  I have and there is a reason why detoxing is abuzz .

Spring has sprung and it is the perfect time for spring cleaning.  I am not talking about cleaning your home, I am talking about cleaning your body.

Spring is the perfect time to detox your body, because everything is waking up and is new.  Don’t you want to reawaken, fresh and new like nature intended?

I am doing a Spring Detox program and the detox starts on April, 14, 2014.  It is a 14-day detox program and I am not going at this alone.  I am excited about doing this detox, because I have the guidance and support of a health coach.

I have done fasts, cleanses and detoxes in the past, but I have never had the guidance from another person.  This time around, I understand why I should detox and how I can detox without depriving myself.

Why detox?

You are probably wondering, why you need to detox your body?  Some people do not believe they need to detox their bodies, because they believe that the body detoxes itself naturally.  Although this is true, everyone can benefit from taking action and detoxing their body.

During a detox, you eliminate unhealthy processed foods, white sugar, and white flour.  If you really want powerful results, eliminate dairy and animal based foods; eat whole foods.

By now, you are probably wondering why you need to detox.  Do you want to reawaken, feeling refreshed and renewed, like a beautiful spring day? Detox your body and do not put it off, if you can help it.  Below are seven reasons why you need to detox your body:

#1) Increase your energy

Your body is like a car and if you do not give it scheduled maintenance, it will eventually run sluggish, which results is low energy levels.  If you are always tired, you need to detox your body.

#2) Improve your digestion

Bloating, constipation, and indigestion usually happens as a result in poor food choices.  Giving your digestive system healthy, wholesome foods aid in better digestion, which helps banish these poor digestion symptoms.  As a car needs the dirty oil flushed out, your body also needs all the sludge, mucus and other nasty things flushed out to run well.

#3) Banish your food cravings

Stress can cause food cravings.  However, when you are not eating nutrient-dense foods, you will crave the unhealthy foods.  The more nutrient-dense foods you eat, the less your body craves for the unhealthy, junk foods.  When you detox you cancel out all the junk and build up with the foods that are the most nutritious for your body, which results in no cravings for those foods that are not beneficial for your body.

#4) Lose weight

Weight loss is a challenge for many people.  Some even go as far as to try different diets, in hopes that a certain diet will give them the results they are so desperately seeking.  Little do they know, that toxicity is one of the reasons they cannot lose the weight. If you want to lose weight, start detoxing and stay away from these diets that promise you weight loss.  Detox and after detoxing maintain your weight by eating a clean diet.

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#5) Get beautiful

Detoxing improves the whole of you, which makes for a beautiful you.  Your eyes are clear, your skin has a glow, and overall you look as good as you feel.  The eyes and skin are the windows of what is happening internally.  Clearing out the toxins and the junk makes room for the external you to shine through beautifully.

#6 ) Improve your mental clarity

Clearing out the toxins from the body, not only does the body good, but it does the mind good as well.  Toxins can cloud your thinking, but when these toxins are cleared out, your clarity of thinking is magnified.  You discover that you are more creative than ever, especially after completing a detox.  Your focus on the goals you were working towards becomes more precise than ever.

#7) Improve your overall health and well-being

Detoxing not only removes toxins from your body, but it also improves your health.  You are more than just a physical body.  Detoxing brings balance to the whole you (mind, body, and spirit).  When your mind, body and spirit are balanced, you (the whole you) feel good.

Final Words

Detoxing is something everyone should do, no matter how healthy you think your diet is.  The body needs time to move out those toxins that have accumulated.

Toxins come in to our bodies, not just through foods, but other avenues as well and we have to make detoxing our bodies a way of life.

Would you buy a car and not do any maintenance?  Well, your body is your temple and you only get one body.  Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Join me on Monday, April 14, 2014 as I do a Spring Detox under the guidance of Carolyn Akens.


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  1. Trinity says:

    Please consider sharing with us your experience. I want to know what to expect when I decide to detox. Have a great weekend!

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