8 Medicinal Benefits of Rosemary

8 Medicinal Benefits of Rosemary


rosemaryRosemary is a popular culinary herb that you probably have in your kitchen.  It is not only a wonderful herb for cooking, but it is also good for the body.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was right when he said; Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

I tried growing rosemary, but I have never had success.  The reason I have no success is because I did not know what rosemary likes and dislikes.

Rosemary is from the Mediterranean region.  It prefers hot temperatures and dry soil conditions, but it also enjoys extra humidity.

This explains why I had no success growing rosemary.  I grew rosemary in the summer, but I watered it too much.

Rosemary not only smells divine (a little sweet pine), but it also has wonderful healing qualities.

Medicinal Benefits

I love cooking with rosemary and using the essential oil of rosemary.  I know rosemary is good for the hair and skin, but I had no idea about the medicinal benefits.

Rosemary is a traditional symbol of good health, fidelity and remembrance.

Below is a list of medicinal benefits of rosemary:

  1. One of the best anti-oxidant herbs
  2. Beneficial for the immune system and winter illnesses
  3. It is often recommended for the digestive tract
  4. It is often recommended for the circulatory system
  5. It is good for brain health (increases oxygen supply, sharpening concentration and memory)
  6. It is good for the respiratory system
  7. It is good for the hair, nails and skin
  8. Enhances circulation.

Have Your Own Pharmacy 

Rosemary is used in home remedies like, infusions, tinctures, cider vinegar tinctures, syrups, compresses, crystallized elixirs, lozenges, medicinal foods, ointments, salves, balms, creams, foot soaks, bath herbs, infused oils, liniments and in honey.

Discussion: Do you use rosemary?  What are some ways that you use rosemary?

Source of InformationGrowing 101 Herbs That Heal: GardeningTechniques, Recipes, and Remedies by Tammi Hartung, Medicinal Herbalist

Disclaimer:  Rosemary is an alternative and it should not replace getting care from a physician.

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  1. stan says:


    Spices are the best thing to use to increase the taste of most foods, many of which are bland.

    I realize from coming here from time to time, that you a vegan, but rosemary really goes best with lamb.

    • Hey Stan!

      Yes, they are.

      I watch a lot of Food Network and I’ve seen that people use rosemary when cooking lamb. So, I know you’re right on the money with this one.

      Take care,


  2. Jee says:

    I never use rosemary before.should try for it.. 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Ev, I’ve not used rosemary but I sure would like some recipes. I’ve heard it’s good as an her in foods.

    • Hey Michelle!

      I know you eat meat, so rosemary would be good to add to chicken, especially when baking.

      I once had a green bean dish from a vegetarian eatery, and it was yummy. They had green beans, tossed in garlic with a few pieces of tomato, and the rosemary added. I enjoyed that. So you can also add it to your vegetable dishes as well.

      Hope this helps.

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