Apple Cider Vinegar Is Good for So Many Things!

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Some of you might know that I am doing a water fast.  Today makes day three for water fasting.  I am reading The Miracle of Fasting written by Patricia Bragg and following some recommendations from this book.

I added is Apple Cider Vinegar to 12 ounces of water and drank this mixture twice during the day.  I drank the vinegar mixture on day one of my fast, but I did not drink it on day two.

A YouTube subscriber asked me the purpose of adding the Apple Cider Vinegar.  I found a reference, skimmed through the chapters and discovered that apple cider vinegar is good so many things.

There are more ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar, besides drizzling it over your salad or using it in a homemade salad dressing. Apple Cider Vinegar is one vinegar you should never be without.

History of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar goes as far back as 3000 B.C.  Egyptians stored Apple Cider Vinegar in urns and used it for condiments and preservatives.  It was also used during biblical times.

Hippocrates (father of medicine) treated patients with Apple Cider Vinegar.  He found that it was a powerful cleaning and healing elixir.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Natural organic, raw Apple Cider Vinegar, comes from crushed apples that mature naturally in wooden barrels to “boost” the natural fermentation.

Natural Apple Cider vinegar has a rich, brownish color.  If you hold the bottle to the light you can see tiny formations of web-like substances.  This web-like substance is known as “mother.”  The miracle lies in the “mother.”

Apple Cider Vinegar is Good For:

  1. Chronic fatigue
  2. Purification of the body Relieving headaches
  3. Corns
  4. Callouses
  5. Warts
  6. Sore throats
  7. Laryngitis
  8. Skin
  9. Skin problems
  10. Sunburns
  11. Insect stings
  12. Bits
  13. Ear infections
  14. Acne
  15. Psoriasis
  16. Virus
  17. Yeast
  18. Dandruff
  19. Baldness
  20. Itchy scalp
  21. Dry hair
  22. Thinning hair
  23. Muscle soreness
  24. Digestion
  25. Kidney
  26. Bladder
  27. Gallstones
  28. Shrinking the prostate
  29. Female troubles
  30. Arthritis
  31. Breaking up mucus
  32. Constipation
  33. Cleaning kitchens and foods
  34. Cleaning bathrooms
  35. Using in laundry
  36. Using on floors, walls and furniture

As you can see, Apple Cider Vinegar is good for many things and I did not list them all.

Discussion: Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar?  How did you use it?

Information Source:
Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System


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  1. Mizzy says:

    I don’t think so that fasting is good. I do fasting on ash Wednesday, holy Thursday and Friday. For the rest of days, I’m with my diet but I don’t practice fasting.

  2. michael says:

    i been taking acv for about 4weeks now .i take it 2 times aday. iam off my lisinopril for high blood presser and also not taking my omeprazole for my reflux ill keep taking it so good to get off these meds.

  3. Thanks, Evelyn for sharing this. I’ll be adding this item to my grocery list next week! 🙂

  4. Patricia says:

    Hi Evelyn

    At last I can comment again on your site. Couldn’t get Livefyre to work for me. In the end I emailed their support and they fixed it for me 🙂

    A doctor I knew when I was working in the UK used to prescribe honey & apple cider vinegar for a lot of conditions. At the time we thought it odd.

    He has been proven right though; as it is an effective treatment that many now choose to take rather than alternative pharmacopia, me included.

    Have a great weekend Evelyn and so happy I can now comment again here.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia,

      Good to see you!

      I didn’t realize that you were trying out Livefyre. Glad you got it fixed.

      Thanks for sharing and chiming in!

      Enjoy your weekend!


      • Patricia says:

        I’m not. Sticking with my commluv comment system for the moment. But some of my favourite blogs have moved to livefyre and I was having problems with being able to comment on their posts!

        Must say the support at livefyre is very prompt. They sorted it for me pronto. Was very impressed.

        Patricia Perth Australia

      • Okay! I tried LiveFyre on this blog and the readers did not like it. But yes, there are some blogs that have switched to LiveFyre. I actually like it. Maybe I’ll use from the beginnging whenever I start a new blog. 🙂 Take care!

  5. Calli says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    I don’t cook much and all I can do is fry. lol So I got curious about the apple cider vinegar, how different is it with red cane vinegar? Which is better between the two?

    • Hi Calli,

      I really don’t know the answer to that. I have used red wine vinegar and there is a difference in the taste. The apple cider vinegar I am talking about is raw and organic, not sure about the red wine vinegar. If you can get one that is organic, then it should be fine when using in your recipes.

      Take care,


      • Calli says:

        I see. Thanks for clearing it out. Hmm sorry I have to ask this. Is red cane vinegar the same with red wine vinegar? Lol really sorry I’m so ignorant when it comes to this. But information such as this can really help me in trying to live a healthy lifestyle. 🙂

      • Hi Calli,

        I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of red cane vinegar. I thought you meant red wine vinegar when you first mentioned it. The only difference I can think of is that red cane vinegar, might have sugar cane in it. Hmm..not sure though??

        Take care,

  6. Nathan J says:

    My mother gave this to me as a child, it really is a cure-all, thanks for sharing!

  7. kathy says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    Vinegar is an amazing product. I know for sure it works on sunburn 🙂 I like to use apple cider vinegar in pasta salad and pulled pork as a rule! It gives the best flavor out of all the vinegar varieties or at the ones I use anyway.

    Vinegar mixed with water is also recommended by manufacturers for cleaning stainless pots and pans.

  8. Aaron says:

    Hey Evelyn,

    So concerning numbers 33 & 34- If I give it to my sons will that make them clean the kitchen and bath? 😉

    Number 19 is false! I’m living proof! Or maybe I’m not using it enough 🙂

  9. david says:

    apple cider vinegar is good for treating heartburn and acid reflux too.

  10. Elaine Scott says:

    Great blog Evelyn. I have always used Apple Cider Vinegar. I actually did research that showed 1-2 tablespoons of honey was not only good to break the taste down. Which you know has to be an acquired one, but honey also carries minerals that in combination with Apple Cider helps promote healthy weight loss and digestion.

    Braggs is better due to the organic processing to keep it more natural. But if I can’t get any I just use regular Apple Cider. I had stopped for a while so I am glad I seen your article. Oh try making a coffe cup of hot water like for tea and adding you Apple Cider and honey in.


  11. Angelica says:

    “This web-like substance is known as “mother.” ” I’ve never known that apple cider vinegar has this particular substance, let alone apple cider vinegar… Love to follow up with your fasting progress though 🙂

  12. Suncear says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    I’ve been using ACV for heartburn and on my hair as a clarifyer. I noticed it makes my hair softer.

    Hope you got a lot out of your fast. I admire you for being able to do a water one.

  13. Qalil Little says:

    I used it to control hypertension and diabetes and I got off the medication even before I lost all the weight!!!

  14. Christian Hollingsworth says:

    When I’m really ill I drink apple cider vinegar. A full cup in the morning and a full cup at night. It tends to rid myself of any illness quickly – and I always feel better afterwards.

    I’ve never done any research on the long-term benefits of using apple cider vinegar; and wonder if you have any leads on good info? I’d like to drink it daily (my grandmother does so) but don’t quite know if it would be beneficial.

    I sure know it’s powerful stuff. Because it sure stings going down! 😉

    • Hi Chrisitan,

      You drink a cup of apple cider vinegar with nothing else?? I couldn’t do that. I just add a tablespoon to 8-12 ounces of water.

      Yes, it is powerful!

      Take care,


  15. Ahdab says:

    Hello Evelyn :))
    Is it good to have the apple vinegar Everyday (twice a day),,wouldn’t it cause tooth decay or gastric ulcers in the long-term..?

  16. Tracy says:

    My grandmother always used to recommend apple cider vinegar as a “cure-all”. We grew up gargling with it for sore throats, and yes, it did help. We also used it for several items on your list.

  17. Health Blog says:

    How frequently do you fast, water fast? And I think water fasting is good for health and keep weight under control.

    • Evelyn says:

      Hi HB,

      I try to fast once a week(sometimes I don’t do this every week), but I’m starting a schedule of fasting every 3 or 4 months for 5-7 days. So far things are going well, I’m on day 3.

      Thanks for sharing!


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