10 Lessons Learned in 2013


2013 Lessons

It has been a while since I published a post.  I made changes to the site and still have things I need to do.  I took a much needed break from blogging and I do feel good.

I consulted with John Aguiar about my blog and he steered me in the right direction.  I am pleased with the new direction.  I look forward to a rewarding 2014.

I took the time to reflect on 2013 and decided to share with you lessons I learned in 2013.  The lessons I learned in 2013 cover many areas (diet, fitness, blogging, family, friends, and life).

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Healthy Living and Healthy Inspiration Series – #1

healthy-living-healthy-inspirationToday is the beginning of the healthy living and healthy inspiration series.  This series consists of articles that I have found during the week that I think you will enjoy.

  • First on the list is an article from the fitness twins Alexandra and Kymberly at Fun and Fit Blog where they share information about healthy aging for boom chicka boomers.  Alexandra and Kymberly asked a question, “Who Inspires You to Live a Fit and Healthy Life?”  This article inspired me to move, because after learning about how their mother was the driving force behind why they do what they do, it gave me the push to get moving.  Alexandra and Kymberly you I love what you do. Continue reading

12 Reasons You Should Have An Accountability Buddy When Making Changes

inspirational-wordsMaking healthy lifestyle changes is sometimes hard, but having an accountability buddy makes it easier.

It’s okay to walk alone, but it’s better when you’re walking with someone.

What is an Accountability Buddy?

An accountability buddy is someone who holds you accountable for your actions when you are making changes.

It is usually best to have an accountability buddy who understands the changes you are making and who also has your best interest in mind.

Often an accountability buddy is making the same changes as you are which makes it easier, because you are not in this alone.

If it is your desire to make healthy lifestyle changes and you can find someone who is also doing the same thing, then you both can work together and hold each other accountable. Continue reading

Inspirational Quotes of Gratitude

silhouette-of-a-manI remember when my ungratefulness was brought to the forefront.  I played a character in a Christmas play that was an ungrateful teenager.

I did not know this character was a true depiction of me, until the day we performed the play on Christmas Day.  My godmother is the person who wrote the play and had a plan to teach me a lesson.

The last scene of the play had the children sitting around the Christmas tree opening gifts.  We had practiced this scene many times, but for some reason, my godmother had me opening a box that happened to be her gift to me.

Even though I played an ungrateful teen in the play, I was very ungrateful in real life.  I did not realize how ungrateful I was until I opened the box.

I did not know there was anything in the box, because I had rehearsed the scene many times, but on Christmas Day, I opened a box.  I could not pretend that the box was empty, because it was a real gift for me. Continue reading