Are You Guilty of Unrealistic Fitness Expectations?

female-holding-water-bottleI read an article written by Rod Sims, in one of Carolyn’s newsletters and the title was 10 Questions to Find Out if Fitness Failure is in Your Future. The article brought back memories of when I got frustrated because I was not seeing or getting the results in my fitness routine that I so desperately wanted. I stopped exercising, which was the wrong move.  I had fitness failure at the time and now I understand why.

Here’s what Rod said in the article that really got me thinking about my own fitness failures: Continue reading

Liebster Award: Get to know me and each other

liebester-awardErin of nominated this website for a Liebster Award!  Erin has a very resourceful blog where she gives you tips on better living and product reviews that help you make clever choices. If you are interested in beauty, decor, diy, entertaining, fashion, food & drink, health & fitness and travel, check out her blog.

Thank you Erin for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  It is indeed an honor.

The award is a great way to get to know other blog owners of small quality blogs or blogs that are good, but want to increase their readership.

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Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Facial and Scrub Review

shea-moisture-facial-wash-scrubWhile strolling down the personal care aisle in Target, I spotted the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Facial Wash and Scrub on clearance and bought it.

I rushed home and tried the facial wash and scrub. I was very impressed with this product the first time I tried it, so much so that I had to write a review.

Taking care of your skin is a part of taking care of yourself. No product can make your skin by itself healthy and radiant.

I believe that what you put in your body shines through to the outside which makes a difference in the appearance of your skin.

Good quality skin care products can assist in helping your skin feel and look its best.

You should try the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Facial Wash and Scrub if:

  • you are looking for a gentle facial wash
  • you are looking for a gentle facial scrub
  • you want to use a shea butter based product
  • you want to use a product that is cruelty free
  • you want to use a product that has certified organic ingredients.

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How To Make Almond Butter Using a Food Processor

almondsHave you checked the price of almond butter lately? The price is more than some are willing to pay.

Why pay ten to twenty dollars for an eight ounce jar of almond butter, when you can make your own?

You can buy almonds in bulk for a reasonable price and make your own almond butter for much less than it costs to buy in the store.

If you have a food processor, you can make your own almond butter. Making your own nut and seed butters is better, because you know how the butter is processed and you know what is in your butter. Continue reading

An Important Lesson I Learned About Raw Almonds

almondsThe almond is my favorite nut, or should I say favorite seed.  If I was stranded on a deserted island, I’d definitely have almonds in my bag.

I thought I was being clever by making a healthy sweet treat with raw almonds and dates, but I discovered that the sweet treat upset my digestion.

I stopped eating raw almonds and dates for a several weeks, but soon found myself eating the sweet treat again.

This time when I had the almonds and dates, the almonds had been soaked and dehydrated.

The almonds tasted different with the dates, but not in a bad way, just different.  I also noticed I didn’t have any problems with digesting the almonds. Continue reading