Why Your Belly Is Getting Bigger On A Vegan Diet |Carb-Sensitivity

man-with-big-bellyOne of the benefits of eating a vegan diet is weight loss. Weight loss is almost effortless for some who start eating a vegan diet. The pounds fall off and you feel great.

You never thought that after eating a vegan diet for nearly a year that you would have a problem with your weight, but for some reason you are gaining weight in your midsection.

Stubborn belly fat rears it’s ugly head and you are confused because you are eating a vegan diet, doing all the right things, but you don’t understand why your belly is fat.

Today you learn why your belly is getting fat while eating a vegan diet and tips to help you get rid of the belly fat. Continue reading

My First Memory of Robin Williams and My Own Battle with Depression


Image Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty

I have fond memories of Robin Williams. I remember when Mr. Williams played Mork on Mork and Mindy (1978-1982) and I do remember watching the show.

That’s where I learned how to do my Mork impersonation (Na-Nu Na-Nu). I thought I was the only person who could do the special trick that Mork did with his fingers. My grandmother Ruby, bought me a Mork and Mindy doll and oh, how I loved those dolls.

I shared that memory because that is my first memory of Robin Williams and the rest is history. Any movie that I have ever seen Robin Williams in,  I have always enjoyed it.

It is unfortunate that Robin Williams (1951-2014) succumbed to the depression that he was battling. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his death, he will go down in history as one of the greatest artists of his time. Continue reading

Five Ways to Improve your Gut Health

ab-painHave you ever had so much flatulence (gas) that your intestines felt like they were exploding? Or maybe you have experienced discomfort in your gut, but didn’t think much of it?

Do you realize that the discomfort you have in your gut is your gut’s way of telling you that something is wrong?

Good health starts in the gut and when your gut health is not at its best; your health will not be at its best.

If you have discomfort of any kind in your gut, you will learn what you can do to decrease and even eliminate the discomfort. Continue reading