Become a Heathier You Series: Introduction

September 29, 2010

There will be a series of articles that I will publish in the following weeks that will address how you can become a Healthier You.  These articles will not only focus on becoming a physically healthy person, but becoming a whole healthy person.

You have more than a physical health component about you, therefore I will not only cover the physical (body) health side, but also the mind, spirit/soul.  The body, mind, and spirit/soul are connected, especially when it comes to health.

These are the general topics that you can expect to see in this series in the coming weeks:

  • Setting goals and knowing where you’re going
  • Honoring and taking care of yourself
  • Mental/emotional health is important
  • Your people circle
  • Tuning up/cleansing (body, mind and spirit)
  • Making your diet and nutrition work for you
  • Move your body and exercise your mind daily (fitness/exercise)
  • Importance of proper rest/sleep
  • The power of fresh air and the sun
  • Water does the whole body good
  • Bonus – Importance of using natural products

My goal for this series is to help you focus on you as a whole person.  The whole of you is just as important, if not more important as the many parts of you.  When you get the whole (mind, body and spirit/soul) together then everything else will be balanced.

I look forward to this series and delving deeper into each of the above topics on every Tuesday, until all topics have been covered.  Many people on and off-line ask me how they can become healthy, lose weight or make changes so they can feel better, so this is my way of addressing what I believe will help you be on your way.

Your health is your wealth!

Image: Filomena Scalise

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Comments (10)

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  1. Preeti says:


    Looking forward to the series. Health is sure wealth! I rather be poor and healthy than rich and sick.

  2. Kissie says:

    You’re getting me ready for my birthday video! (January 2011) Thank you!!!

  3. Patricia says:

    HI Evelyn
    I love visiting your blog as you have great articles on health that I enjoy reading. I look forward to this series and what I will learn. Hopefully I can add something too when I visit and comment. Go gal.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  4. Ali says:

    I’m all ears. Can’t wait to read more (o:

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