5 Benefits of Yoga

December 10, 2010

Benefits of Yoga is small guest post written by Sudeep Chitnis from http://www.e-swastya.com a blogger, Ayurvedic Consultant with lifestyle medicine as specialty. He writes about health, alternative medicine, lifestyle changes including yoga and Ayurveda.

In the fast paced world when one comes to a yoga class the first question that is normally asked is why should I do Yoga? What are its benefits especially in the world of cardio, thread-mill and so and so.
The answer can be noted as a thesis of doctorate or can be cut shorted in few pointers as this article is. Have a look …

  • Being in the Moment: Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning the union of the mind with the body at any given moment. Basically it is all about being in the present.  It is easy to write or read, but really hard to do. Yoga teaches you how.
  • Workout: If you work on a tread mill you would work on your leg muscles and heart, while working on weights, one prefers to do different sets of exercise for different muscles of the body.  Well if you want a work out which can work all your muscles including small ligaments of the body, then yoga is the answer. No kidding it actually also help you work your brain cells too. Try doing Pranayama.
  • Lifestyle Change: Blood pressure, Obesity, Fibromyalgia, Schizophrenia, you name the condition, add yoga to your lifestyle and then see the difference in your health. Medicines do not just heal conditions, a need of a ideal lifestyle is also needed, yoga provides that extra support.
  • Stress: Try some yoga poses after a stressful day and see the results in just 5 minutes. You do not need to be master to achieve the desire goal. Modern style brings anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and all that comes with stress, well your answer is yoga for all that.
  • Detoxification:Would it be nice to achieve both physical and mental detoxification without any herbal tea or expensive retreats. Well Yoga is an ideal choice… Asana would work in massaging your liver, spleen and all your internal organ cleansing them, while Pranayama would help you to cleanse your brain from all the vices (greed, lust, hate, fear, competition )

After reading all this benefits, do you think you are up for it?  Give it a try, who knows you may enjoy it!

About Authorer: Sudeep Chitnis is a blogger, Ayurvedic Consultant with lifestyle medicine as specialty. He writes about health, alternative medicine, lifestyle changes including yoga and Ayurveda.

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Comments (12)

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  1. bob kesto says:

    I have discovered your blog today and I love it!! You make very beautifull things and your tutorials are very good. I will add your blog to my list. Congratulations for your works!!

  2. Sudeep says:

    Hello Andy,
    Glad to hear that you like yoga so much . Yes after doing it daily yoga can make one’s life healthy. Thanks for your comments and for visiting.

  3. Andy King says:

    Hey man,
    this you know is my fav subject.

    if you do 45 mins yoga everyday under expert guidance, you will be the healthiest person in the world.

    thanks for this information.

  4. Dia says:

    Hi Sudeep and Evelyn,

    Yoga is very beneficial as it relaxes our minds and bodies. It also helps us to become more flexible. Thanks for sharing

  5. Dana says:

    Indeed, Yoga also refers to healthy life way. Yes, Yoga can be a good tool to achieve a healthy life.

  6. Dandy says:

    Great post. I love yoga. It has helped me with my stress conciderably. I also like the feeling of being limber & flexiable. It motivates me to take better care of myself! Thank you Sudeep, I’ll be sure to check out your website!