Announcing: Forks Over Knives DVD Giveaway

forks over knivesSeveral months ago, I did a post about the Forks Over Knives Trailer.  Today, I have 2 Forks Over Knives DVDs up for grabs.

I watched Forks Over Knives this weekend and this documentary motivated and inspired me to continue eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet more than ever.

What is Forks Over Knives?

“Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

The major storyline traces the personal journeys of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a nutritional biochemist from Cornell University, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, former top surgeon at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.  Inspired by remarkable discoveries they made, these men conducted several groundbreaking studies.  Their separate research led them to the same startling conclusion:  degenerative diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even several forms of cancer, could almost always be prevented – and in many cases reversed-by adopting a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

The idea of food as medicine is put to the test.  Cameras follow “reality patients’ who have chronic conditions from heart disease to diabetes.  Doctors teach patients how to adopt a whole-foods, plant-based diet as the primary approach to treat their ailments – while the challenges and triumphs of their journeys are revealed.

The film features leading experts on health and tackles the issue of diet and disease in a way that will have people talking for years.” (quote from back of DVD)

Enter the Forks Over Knives DVD Giveaway

Begins:  December 5, 2011

Ends:  December 12, 2011 (EST)

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Winners announced on December 13, 2011.

Giveaway opened for everyone.

Note:  Beginning December 7th, 2011, I will be away from the internet for 1-2 weeks.  There will be a delay in announcing the winners.   Thank you!  EP



Announcing: Kindle Fire Giveaway from

Justin Germino, from, kicked off Cyber Monday, by announcing his awesome Kindle Fire Giveaway.  Some lucky person has a chance to win a Kindle Fire.

Interested parties, don’t wait, get over there and submit your entry.  This giveaway is open to those who are in the United States and Canada.  The Kindle Fire Giveaway ends on December 15, 2011.

Good luck everyone!

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Announcement: Vegan Book Giveaway by Book Publishing Company


Live Delicious Campaign

This is a quick announcement to let you know about a giveaway sponsored by Book Publishing Company.  Are  you interested in learning more about the vegan diet and eating healthy?  You should enter the book contest giveaway.

I am not paid for this announcement.  However,  Book Publishing Company sends me free books and in return, I review those books on my blog.

Here is how you enter the book contest giveaway.  Visit the Best Vegan Books of 2011 and sign-up for their Healthy Eating Newsletter. It is that simple!  There are six books up for grabs, four of which I am reviewing soon.

The giveaway is open for the months of March and April.  You never know, you just might be one of the lucky winners.  If you are a winner, please let me know.

Good luck and best wishes everyone!


10 Important Keys to Become a Healthier You

free ebook

Many of you are making resolutions and setting goals for the New Year that involve making some healthy lifestyle changes and 10 Important Keys to Become a Healthier You, will help you get the ball rolling.

I am happy to announce that my first eBook is available for FREE.  That’s right, FREE!  Anyone can download 10 Important Keys to Become a Healthier You.

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10 Important Keys to Become a Healthier You is the Become a Healthier You Series. I appreciate those who, supported my efforts in this series.  You will have all the posts within the series, plus more information that I didn’t share in the series.

I will not delay this any longer.  Here is my first eBook 10 IMPORTANT KEYS TO BECOME A HEALTHIER YOU!

Please help me spread the word about this eBook by downloading it and sharing it with everyone!

Let’s make 2011, the healthiest year ever!

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Second Awesome Giveaway: Raw for Dessert

Can you believe this is the 112th post here on Become a Healthier You?  Well, it is!  Two of those posts are from guest posters.

To celebrate this milestone, I want to offer you a chance to win a something.  Today, you will have a chance to win, Raw for Dessert, by Jennifer Cornbleet.

Mr. Rick Diamond of the Book Publishing Company sent me a copy of Raw for Dessert to review and I must say this recipe book is a winner.

My goal is to try every recipe in this book, but for now, I have only tried one recipe from Raw for Dessert and it was a hit in my house.

Note: The Book Publishing Company is offering you a chance to win a vegan dessert book.  All you need to do is enter here win a free dessert book.

About Raw for Dessert

Raw for Dessert is a raw vegan dessert book written by Jennifer Cornbleet.  Jennifer is the best-selling author of Raw Food Made Easy Raw for Dessert is a very simple recipe book and I love the simplicity of this book.  Raw for dessert has a total of 119 pages and you will find it very easy to navigate.

What You Can Expect

In the beginning of Raw for Dessert, the author gives you a lot of information on what you will need to make the desserts in her book.  She tells you the following:

  • Ingredients you will need
  • Equipment you will need
  • Serving ware you will need
  • Techniques you will need
  • Knife skills you will need.

Don’t worry guys, everything she tells you is so simple, even a child can assist you in making these yummy desserts.

Types of Recipes You Will Find

Basic recipes which include almond milk, dates paste, vanilla cashew cream, chocolate cashew cream and more.

  • Fruit Desserts
  • Sorbets, Ice Cream, and Sundaes
  • Pies and Tarts
  • Creamy Desserts
  • Candy

I made the Banana Cream Pie and it was delicious.  The author says that the Banana Cream Pie will last for three days.  Well, you don’t have to worry about keeping this pie for three days, because this pie will disappear in no time.  :)

The Banana Cream Pie will remind you of a Banana Pudding.  Once you make the Banana Cream Pie and share it with your family and friends, they will be begging you to make this dessert again and again.

I highly recommend that you get this book.  One of you will soon be the proud owner of Raw for Dessert (affiliate link).  Here is what you need to do to enter this giveaway.

Leave a comment on this post.

  • Tell me why you would like to be the proud owner of this book.
  • Spread the word about this giveaway on Twitter by tweeting this post.

Your tweet should  look like this:

Second Awesome Giveaway:  Raw for Dessert via @evelyn_parham

This giveaway will end on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 26, 2010.

I will inform you who the winner is in the comment section of this post.  Make sure you subscribe to the comments, so you will know if you are the winner.