Healthy Living and Inspiration from Around the Web Series – #4

healthy-living-healthy-inspirationHappy Saturday!

Today, I share with you healthy living and inspirational links from around the web.

These links help you stay focused on you and your healthy living goals, healthy lifestyle changes as well as inspire you to keep on keeping on.

You may get tired on this journey, but keep your eyes on the prize and don’t ever give up.

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Avocado Salad with Basil (Video)

avocado-salad-sprout-basilThe avocado gets no love from my family and friends.  The look of disgust comes across their faces when I say I like avocado.

They can’t imagine anyone eating something green and mushy;  it must taste horrible.  I say, don’t knock it until you try it, you might be surprised.

There are many ways of eating the avocado.  There are some people who think the only way you can eat an avocado is as guacamole, but there are many ways of eating avocado.

If you enjoy eating avocados, but find yourself getting bored with eating avocados, you should try this Avocado Salad with Basil.

The beautiful thing about this salad is that you can make it taste anyway you like.  A friend, told me that she added black beans to the recipe and enjoyed it. Continue reading

Fat-Rich Plant Foods that are Good for your Health

almondsShould you avoid eating fat? No, your body needs a certain amount of fat. Make sure you eat healthy fats and that you do not over do it.

Avoid eating fats that cause health consequences. These fats are trans-fatty acids found in processed foods and saturated fats from animal products. The fats that are healthier for you are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are mostly concentrated in plants.

When consuming refined or unrefined oils be mindful of the amount of oil you consume. If oils are extracted from whole plant foods (avocados, fresh nuts and seeds, olives and lower-fat plant foods):  fiber, minerals, protein, vitamins, unrefined carbohydrates, protective antioxidants, phytochemicals and plant sterols get left behind. Continue reading