Inspirational Quotes of Gratitude

silhouette-of-a-manI remember when my ungratefulness was brought to the forefront.  I played a character in a Christmas play that was an ungrateful teenager.

I did not know this character was a true depiction of me, until the day we performed the play on Christmas Day.  My godmother is the person who wrote the play and had a plan to teach me a lesson.

The last scene of the play had the children sitting around the Christmas tree opening gifts.  We had practiced this scene many times, but for some reason, my godmother had me opening a box that happened to be her gift to me.

Even though I played an ungrateful teen in the play, I was very ungrateful in real life.  I did not realize how ungrateful I was until I opened the box.

I did not know there was anything in the box, because I had rehearsed the scene many times, but on Christmas Day, I opened a box.  I could not pretend that the box was empty, because it was a real gift for me. Continue reading

Letting Go of Emotional Hurts and Pains

young-woman-headacheThere are women that I personally know who are hurting emotionally.  It seems that women take a lot and hold many things inside.

Retreating within yourself and holding onto things, hurts you in many ways.  It contributes to stress, wreaks havoc on your mental health, just to name a few.

You may ask, “How does Evelyn know?”  I have held things in to the point where I suffered with depression, and other health problems. Continue reading

Have You Had Your Vitamin B-12 Today?

My Facebook friend, David Steele also Administrator of the Earthsave Canada Facebook page shared a video entitled “Vegan Epidemic” by Dr. Michael Greger and I had to share this video with you.

A Few Words

There are some raw vegan and vegan gurus who think that you can get everything you need from your food.  While this might be true in some cases if you eat a whole-food diet, it is not the case with Vitamin B-12.  Make sure you do not skimp on getting a daily source of Vitamin B-12.  You may not think that Vitamin-B-12 is important, but it is. Continue reading