Don’t Be Afraid of Trying Something Different

Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

Have you been trying to lose weight for years, but have yet to experience your break through? Have you been eating a diet that you believe is healthy for you, but are left wondering why what you are doing isn’t working? Consider stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different.

I have observed many people who are good people who stick with certain diets, because they believe the diet they follow will help them reach their weight loss goals. Some believe their diet will help them avoid getting a disease, but they question why they have high cholesterol or why they are carrying extra weight. Year after year, they struggle to follow a diet that clearly is not working for them, always hoping for a different result.

I have tried many diets, not realizing those diets were not for me. Although I did my best to make the diets work, I eventually listened to the wisdom of my body. When I stopped being afraid of trying something different, that is when change and growth took root.

The people I have observed think they are doing the diet wrong, so they try it again and again hoping this time it works. They cannot imagine the diet not working for them because it works for so many other people; it has to work.

Stop thinking that you are doing something wrong or that you are somehow failing to follow the diet correctly, especially when you know you are doing everything right. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe the diet has failed you.

Diets do fail. You are not a failure if a diet does not work for you. Count it as a learning experience and move on to what works best for you.

Sticking with a diet that does not work for you creates a stress response in the body. A stress response decreases your calorie burning capacity and it does other things in the body that contributes to your ability to lose weight.

Don’t be afraid of trying something different. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and trying new things. How will you ever know if something works for you until you try it?

If what you are doing isn’t working, fix it.  You’ll be much happier and in a better place in your life.

The key to change is being open-minded and having an open heart. You have to first realize that what you are doing is not working for you and be open to change.

If you truly want to try something different, kick fear to the curb. Be open to receive the lessons that come with change. Allow your mind, body, and your spirit to open and have the experiences that change teaches you.

Don’t let fear live in you. Tell fear to get out of your life. The day you kick fear out of your life is the day you begin living and loving life for what it is.

Be fearless, live more!


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  1. Timothy B. Miller says:

    Wonderful Post Evelyn, I T totally agree with you…If you truly want to try something different, kick fear to the curb. Plus you have to have your mind and body ready for a change. Thanks for sharing this I enjoyed it.

  2. Vipin Pandey says:


    Awesome Tips on how to get results by trying something different. You are right we often stuck between few things and keep waiting for good things to come. But the results are the mirror of our actions. If one thing is not doing then we should try something different.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Meital says:

    Great post!

    I actually have a post on my blog about why dieting is the worst way to lose weight, maybe you’d like to check it out?:)

  4. Great Advice Evelyn,
    The thing that I’d like to remind us all to remember is that our diet is not restricted to the food we eat for physical reasons. Everything we take in… words, experiences, thoughts and influences of others; they all take a toll. As you point out, when attention to the outcome signals a negative response… it’s time to try something new.


    • Hi Matthew,
      You are so right about everything we take in taking a toll on us. It’s good seeing you and thank you for chiming in. I enjoy hearing from you and reading your words of wisdom.

      Take care.

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