Eating Vegan is Cheaper in the Long Run

Frutis and VeggiesThere are many people who think that eating a vegan diet (a diet which does not include any animal products) is an expensive diet for one to eat. Eating a vegan diet is not expensive at all. If you ask me, I believe it is one of the cheapest diets that anyone can eat.

I am the only one who is vegan in my household. I have moved to the point of not preparing animal flesh in my house, but if my husband wants yard bird (chicken) or fish, then I may prepare it. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I cooked any animal flesh in my home. I usually stick with making tasty vegetables like kale, collards, soups, broccoli, peas, beans, brown rice, etc.

Have you seen the prices of chicken, fish, beef, and pork lately. Whenever I have visited the meat section (I can hardly stand it, site, smell and all) of the grocery store, I am always taken aback by the prices of these foods. And people say eating a vegan diet is expensive. I beg to differ on that.

Today, I will tell you why eating a vegan diet is cheaper than eating the Standard American Diet. Eating vegan or a plant-based diet is cheaper in the long run because:

1. You save money. Shopping at Farmers Markets and in the produce section of the grocery store is a great way to save money on you grocery bill. You can purchase organic produce at reasonable prices.

2. You save time. When you purchase plant-based foods, you don’t have to do a lot of cooking of these foods, unless you want to. Either way, food preparation and clean-up takes less time, which gives you more time to spend enjoying your meals with your family and friends.

3. You save your health. Studies have shown that people who eat a diet rich in plants have better health and are less likely to die from certain diseases. You may feel great today, while eating a Standard American Diet, but in the long run, it will catch up with you.  Bernando LaPallo has lived to be 109 years old by eating a predominantly plant-based diet.

A few statistics.

  • One out of thirteen Americans now has diabetes and ratio continue to rises.
  • One out of every three Americans will die from heart disease.
  • One third of the adults twenty years of age and over in this country are obese.

Source of information taken from The China Study written by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. and Thomas Campbell II.

Here is a video interview of Dr. Campbell speaking about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

4. You save on super foods. There is no need to purchase super foods. Eating a plant-based diet can get expensive if you are one who purchases a lot of “so-called” super foods. Save money by purchasing the real super foods (whole organic plant foods).

I have listed a few ways how eating a vegan/plant-based diet can be cheaper than eating a Standard American Diet. Yes, you can save money, but there are so many other things that you can save, with the main one being your health. Eating a vegan/plant-based diet can help you in more ways than you could ever imagine.

How has eating a vegan/plant-based diet been cheaper and a beneficial for you?

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  1. Tom says:

    How very interesting! I agree that you have a creative solutions and tips in selecting a vegan food. As a mother its a challenge on how to select the healthier but cheap food for my child. This is a very great idea to all.

  2. Kissie says:

    I do think the biggest saving is in the long run, your medical bills.

    I guess you’re right about the Farmer’s Market because I go to the grocery stores and Whole Foods, therefore it HAS BEEN EXPENSIVE for me.

    Thanks for this post, I needed it!

    • Kissie,
      I agree..biggest saving being medical bills. If you’re never sick or hardly ever sick, then there should be little medical to pay.

      Whole Foods is quite expensive, but I enjoy going there. I don’t shop for veggies there…I’m usually getting hair products and supplements. The DeKalb county international farmers market is a great place to shop. Wide selection!

      Take care,


  3. HealthyOpal says:

    Great post, at times I think it can depend on your location too. I can think of a few areas where it’s not cheaper to be Vegan since the veggie options aren’t as plentiful. A few times yearly, I scout out some of the foods available in the poorer communities. The selections, in many of those areas I’ve visited aren’t the best, and simple things that many of us take for granted (fresh fruit, veggies) are few or nonexistent.

    • Hey Opal,

      I totally agree! Location definitely makes a difference.

      It is sad that the certain foods are not available in poorer communities. Some people do not realize that they can make requests for better foods and plus when people only know one way, they think that’s the only way.

      Thanks for chiming in!

      Take care,


  4. Preeti says:


    I am vegetarian since birth and partial vegan for a few years (only eating yogurt and occasional cheese), but we drink soy milk and vegan sugar. Buying organic and vegan can be expensive if I buy it from whole foods and pre packaged food. I tend to buy raw veggies, grains, flours and fruits and cook things as I generally love cooking and it is not so expensive. But some things are worth spending money on, isn’t our health worth it?

    • Hey Preeti,
      It can be expensive just like have have mentioned. A doctor once told me that, “Whole Foods will take your Whole Paycheck.” He was telling the truth! 🙂
      That’s why I try to do what you have mentioned. It really does save money.

      Our health is precious and if we don’t pay now we’ll pay later. With the later probably costing us more than we could ever imagine. Thanks for sharing that!

      Take care,


  5. Patricia says:

    I believe if you eat healthy organic food you will be healthy; coupled with regular exercise. I read on another vegan site that they had to take supplements to make up for things missing in their diet. Do you know about this? I am not vegan but eat healthy and live healthy. We have a local farmers’ market near where I live so I can live inexpensively and still eat healthy which is great for all us locals who want to stay healthy. Interesting post.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia,
      I agree with you!

      Well, I’m not familiar with the site. But I did do a post about vegans / raw vegans needing to supplement. I have a friend that stopped by and responded on that post. She shared how her iron, B-12 and a few other things were low. She actually had to have a blood transfusion. I believe in supplementation, but I also encourage people to have their blood tested to make sure they know where they stand. That’s the only way we’ll know.

      That’s great! I don’t believe a person has to be vegan to be healthy. I do believe people should increase the amounts of plant-based foods they consume. Here in the U.S. (Standard American Diet) not many people eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables. If they would simply increase these foods, I think they would feel better and see a difference in their bodies.

      That’s great! I love Farmers Markets! You can really find some great deals.

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

      Take care,


  6. Tamara says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    Very insightful article. Really took me time to read the article and really enjoy it. I believe This is such an important post.Being vegan is indeed an idea which has been ignored by many experts & professionals. You have done a great job by bringing the importance of vegetables into light. I hope quality discussions follow this post.

    Good luck with the challenge and with your business.

    • Hi Tamara,
      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

      I’m glad you find this post to be important. People are sick and can do something about it by simply changing their diets.

      The challenge is going fine, but I have slipped a few times, but hey, I’m only human! 😉 I’ll get back up and keep on moving.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

      Take care,


  7. Henway says:

    Doesn’t it take time to prepare the food if you’re a vegan since by default the food doesn’t taste as good as “normal” food? How do you get the protein you need if you’re a weightlifter?

    • Hi Henway,
      Yep it does take time to prepare food, but it really depends on how simple/not so simple one eats. I’m a simply gal, so I don’t spend a lot of time preparing/cooking foods. I’m a high raw food vegan, so I eat a high percentage of my food uncooked. Once the diet has been changed, the need for extra flavors to make foods “taste” good is not there (our taste buds change). We actually love the taste of the whole food and it is not a bad taste at all. I use more herbs and spices, which enhances the flavor of foods more now than I did before I changed to a plant-based diet.

      There are quit a few vegan and raw vegan athletes out here and they are doing very well on a plant-based diet. If a person is concerned about muscle building and protein intake, then he/she can get more protein by adding protein powders, more seeds, nuts, beans, etc. It really shouldn’t be a problem.

      Very good question!

      Take care,


  8. Hi Evelyn,

    Before meeting my girlfriend I was heavy on protein, light on veggies. Since she was a former vegan and current vegetarian my diet has changed dramatically. I adopted her eating habits – with the stray meat meal here and there – and have become healthier, keep weight off with greater ease and I’ve noticed my wallet is a little lighter too.

    Meat can be expensive; most carbs aren’t. Great point about the Farmer’s Market too. I shop at one around the corner and can buy a week’s worth of food for 10 – 15 bucks. OK, I eat light 😉

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Ryan Biddulph

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