Epsom Salt Baths Help You Have Better Sleep

Epsom Salt Baths Help You Have Better Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? Sleep is important because it is when our bodies recover and rejuvenate. And when the body does not get good sleep it let’s you know.

Did you know that not getting enough sleep can hinder your progress with weight loss? That’s just one of the many things that can happen when the body does not get the rest it needs.

My Epsom Salt Bath Experience

I am aware of Epsom Salt baths, but I never took one until I detoxed with Ms. Carolyn this spring. She kept stressing the importance of taking the Epsom Salt baths, but I procrastinated. I secretly thought the Epsom Salt bath would be a waste of time.

I finally stopped putting off the dreaded Epsom Salt bath. I filled the tub with hot water, added the Epsom Salt, baking soda and my favorite essential oil, lavender.  Lavender is a calming and relaxing smell and I knew that if anything, I would feel relaxed and calm from the lavender.

As soon as I stepped out of the bath, my muscles felt good. It was like a burden was lifted and tension was released. The feeling of relaxed muscles is amazing, especially after a stressful day.

The night I took the Epsom Salt bath was the night I had the best sleep I ever had in my life. I slept like a baby. A baby has peaceful sleep, doesn’t wake up and hardly moves while sleeping. I never thought I could feel sleep like that, but I did.

Why Epsom Salt Baths Work

The Epsom Salt that I use has Magnesium sulfate and seven molecules of water. The package says that the purpose is saline laxative.

Magnesium is a mineral and many of us do not get the amount we need in our diets. One way to get Magnesium in your body is by doing Epsom Salt baths.

The body absorbs the Magnesium and from what I have read, the body takes in the amount needed. You cannot overdose on Magnesium, but be ware it has a laxative effect if your body gets too much.

The Epsom Salt bath did not cause a laxative effect on me, but I have taken a Magnesium powder supplement mixed with water and it caused a laxative effect.  If I sip on the supplement throughout the day, it does not cause a laxative effect.

Get Better Sleep

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals the body. Dr. Carolyn Dean says, “Magnesium plays a key role in over 325 enzyme reactions in the body – from energy production to cholesterol control.” She also says, “…up to 80 percent of Americans suffer from a deficiency.” (Magnesium ebook – p. 19)

There are many ways to get Magnesium in your body, but one way is by taking Epsom Salt baths. You get the best of both worlds; the Magnesium, stress relief, relaxation and better sleep.

You no longer have to complain about not getting sleep or feeling tired. Give Epsom Salt baths a try, you will be so glad you did.

Check out this DIY Epsom Salt bath recipe.

Here’s to better health and better sleep!

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