Excellent Tips to Have a Flat Belly

Excellent Tips to Have a Flat Belly


This is a guest post written by Julian Hooks.

Nobody wants to see their love handles oozing out of their skinny jeans. That’s why every time our pants start to tighten, efforts on how to decrease our waist line is being made. Work out tricks and several diets boasts of immediate decrease of the tummy size. Here are a few tips of how to have a flat belly.

Healthy Diet

If you trying to lessen your food intake make sure that, you eat between meals. This is important so that you won’t be too hungry before you eat causing you to eat too much thus expanding the belly. This will also help maintain a normal blood sugar and improve metabolism. The lower the level of sugar, the lower the level of insulin and the lower the level of insulin the higher the level of glucagon. Glucagon is a body hormone that decreases the fat storage in the tummy.  Medifast, a low-calorie and low-fat diet program promotes this kind of concept.

Eat your food longer

It is important to chew food properly and not to eat it hurriedly. Since digestion starts in the mouth it is imperative to chew and grind it to prevent bloating. It usually takes some time for the brain to receive the message that the tummy is full already, so when we eat fast the probability is that we have eaten too much already before we realize that we are already full.

Lessen the salt

The reason why we often feel and see our abs bloated is salt. Try to use natural sea salt, kosher salt and minimize on soy sauce. To add flavor, replace salt with fresh tomatoes or cayenne pepper. A bit different from the former taste but will certainly help in being healthy. This replacement strategy should be included as part of the diet plans for women for the female gender are usually the ones preparing the menu for the day.

Laugh a lot

They say one important anti-aging tip is to for you to smile often because you use fewer muscles, I say laugh more and you develop a positive outlook and keep your belly well-toned.  Laughing usually use up more muscles in the diaphragm thus strengthening the abs.


We can never shy away from doing crunches for it really helps in keeping a flat belly. There are different new strategies and tools that will help do this work out easily without straining the back and neck.

Author Bio:  Julian Hooks is a life long athlete as well as a health & fitness enthusiast who reviews top diet plans such as the Medifast Diet, Nutrisystem, Bistro MD, DietToGo, and many more at DietBrandReviews.com.

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  1. Dhruv Bhagat says:

    Hi Julian,

    Its a great idea to laugh a lot for losing fat.. As this is also a good practice followed by the most of old age people in the park after finishing their yoga session.. Also the blood pressure is maintained due to this.. 🙂

  2. Alexandra P. says:

    Great tips! I also had good results with drinking green tea that boosts your metabolism and helps in burning more fat!

  3. Michelle says:

    love handles? That’s what the Cami shaper is for lol. Just kidding. Thanks for the tips. I’m working on my undesirable spots too 🙂 Just got Slim in 6 and starting it tomorrow.

  4. Jenn says:

    I have been a slow eater ever since I was a child so at least I have that part down and I laugh alot but the crunches? Nope. I don’t do those at all.

    Thanks for teaching me something new today – about Glucagon.

    • Hi Jenn,

      I’ve always been a slow eater too. My mother use to tell me to hurry up, and that I ate like a bird.

      Laughing is good medicine.

      Thanks Jenn, for stopping by and commenting.

      Have a great New Year!!


  5. Aqiyl Henry says:

    Nice article. One thing I have always had a problem with is eating to fast. Once food is in my mouth, it is gone in an instant. 🙂 I have always been like this and I know it is not good. What has helped me a lot is that I blend a lot of my food now. I can’t under chew a glass of veggie juice, and you will not food more broken down than blending it. 🙂 I know, I am cheating. 🙂