Going on a Non Diet to Lose Weight

Going on a Non Diet to Lose Weight


eat-dietThis is a guest post written by Siddhartha Rahut.

Many people strive to lose weight and are willing to try all kinds of fad diets. These plans usually are never successful weight loss methods and involve weird meal ideas. Since dieting is difficult for most people, there has been an increase in popularity toward a non diet. Here is a closer look at how to drop some unwanted pounds without having to follow a confining or depriving diet.

Fad Diets That Do Not Work

  • Liquid Diet. (Ex. Cabbage Soup Diet, Green Tea Diet, Juice Diet) Liquid diets replace meals with a fluid. The idea is that liquids make a person feel full without the need to consume many calories. However this can be dangerous since no liquid can give the necessary nutrition for proper bodily function. Instead of getting rid of fat, the body breaks down muscle for energy.
  • Solid Food Diet. (Ex. Grapefruit Diet, Cookie Diet, Baby Food Diet) These diets require a person to consume an excessive amount of the particular food along with tiny quantities of other approved foods. Like liquid diets, a person cannot get the right amounts of nutrition in this way.
  • Supplements. (Ex. Dexatrim, Xenadrine, Diuretics) This weight loss idea can be very dangerous and costly. Many diet pills have been known to cause heart problems. They offer promises that tend to fall short. Many of these supplements contain high levels of caffeine, but this is not likely to lead to weight loss.

How The Non Diet Differs From Fad Diets

Fad diets are fixated on strict meal portions or ingredients. A Non Diet involves itself less with food and more with a person’s emotions. Many yo-yo dieters can get caught in a vicious cycle of food abuse. Some eat to satisfy certain needs and use mealtime as a reward or punishment. The Non Diet approach has no restrictions and requires no planning. It is best to fill an emotional void with a hobby or time with friends and family.

The Non Diet Approach

This diet approach focuses on changing the lifestyle. This diet encourages a person to try new tastes and prepare new recipes. This will help to create a more positive relationship with food. When a person deprives themselves, they feel negatively toward food and become preoccupied with it at the same time. A person should never restrict calories to an unhealthy level. It is vital to enjoy healthy food. Many times energy levels increase and overall health improves.

When a person needs to lose weight, it can be unsafe to try fad diets or strict food restriction meal plans. Going to these extremes can cause damage to the body and may lead to a variety of eating disorders. It is important to embrace a new way of dieting that includes eating sensibly. The Non Diet encourages a person to savor the taste of food and not to use it as a crutch or replacement for emotional needs. In the end, it has proven to be a successful way to lose unwanted pounds effortlessly.

Author’s Bio: Sidra is a well-known writer for health care issues. For further details you can visit the website NonDiet.com.




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  1. stan says:

    There is only one diet that worked for me time after time, and that is Weight Watchers.

    as a vegan, you can also follow the diet, since the key to WW, is you eat real food.

  2. Hey Sidra and Evelyn,

    very good post and a much needed one I must say. There are so many weird diet plans that are being advertised on the Internet, that I think most people are confused. Not to mention all the weird supplements, powders, and so on.

  3. Paul says:

    It seems to me that your definition of a “non diet” is very similar to any sensible diet, in that the key is to learn to view food in a positive, healthy way rather than becoming obsessive about certain “banned” things.

    • Hi Paul!

      Good to see you!

      You’re right about non diet and sensible diet being very similar.

      I think when we become obsessive about what we eat, things don’t go like we want them.

      Thanks for chiming in!


  4. I LOVE my NON DIET lifestyle! Eating copious amounts of fish and veggies! I am not deprived at all, I CRAVE salmon if you can believe it… and Spaghetti squash too! lol

  5. Jee says:

    This is a good idea about non diet..

    And i believe that, by changing a little bit on your lifestyle you will lose the unwanted weight. This is so true.. 🙂

  6. jan says:

    The non-diet concept is a great idea and one of my favourite ones is The Gabriel Method. However, I can maintain my weight no problems but I can’t lose weight! I know there are lots of people who lose weight by just cutting back and cutting out the junk food, but this never seems to work for me! I seem to have to make a rigorous effort to cut back calories and track everything!

    • Hi Jan!

      Good to see you!

      Your situation is interesting, thanks for sharing it. I am not familiar with the Gabriel Method. It is on my list to check out.

      Thanks for stopping by!!


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