Make Habits Stick with the Words You Use

Make Habits Stick with the Words You Use

Have you ever wanted to stick to an exercise routine, stop eating junk food or do something that is beneficial for your overall health and well-being, but you never do?

The reason it is hard for many of us to make habits stick is because of the words we use.

Our words are powerful and when we do not use words that are coupled with action we end up doing the same old things and it is business as usual.

If you want to stop doing business as usual and start getting the results you want for yourself, you have to be aware of the words you say and how they impact the outcomes.

I used to say that, “I need to exercise, but I’ll do it tomorrow.” Tomorrow never came and I never exercised when I said I needed to exercise.

Time brought about a change because I stopped saying I needed to exercise and I just did it. As a result of just doing what I knew I needed to do, exercising became a habit.

How can you make habits stick?

You make habits stick by what you say and do. Today, we focus on making habits stick with the words we say.

Stop Using These Statements

1.  I need to. I need to exercise, I need to eat healthier, I need to lose weight, I need to write more and the list of ‘I need to’ goes on and on. There are many things that we tell ourselves that we need to do, but we never get around to doing those things. Instead of saying, ‘I need to,’ learn how you can do what you need to do and then put what you learn into action. Stop saying what you need to do;  be about it and just do it.

2.  I want to.  I want to is usually followed by a but, which is also followed by an excuse or a reason why you cannot do what you want. Learn why you feel the need to attach an excuse or a reason after making the statement ‘I want to’ and get to the root of why it is that you make excuses or you procrastinate. Once you discover why you make excuses, then you will begin working on what it is that you want to do. Excuses do not get things done, actions and following on those actions get things done.


Start where you are and keep going.

3.  I try, but. Are you really trying or are you hardly trying? Oftentimes, we try things, only to find ourselves giving up before getting started. Why is this? It is because we do not have a plan, focus or direction. When trying new things, be sure you know how you will accomplish your goal.

4.  I should. Is this a wishful thinking statement? Maybe it is, but the last thing we should be doing is wishing for things to happen in our lives. Wishing never brought anyone any real results, unless you are a lucky person. You have to do more than just wish, you have to put in time, effort, and the work it takes to make habits stick.

5.  I could. This statement screams I can, but there is something or someone hindering the progress. Most times we are the ones hindering our own progress. We second guess ourselves, which results in it being an after thought.

Start Using these Statements

  • I will.
  • I intend.
  • I have to or I must.
  • It is important.
  • Make it happen.

*Go farther by attaching why you want to make something a habit in your life and learning how it benefits you.


It is easy for us to get caught up in the routine of living our lives. And before we know it time goes by and we have no change.

The routine of living life, becomes just that; a routine. We begin accepting that weight loss will never happen, eating healthy is not possible, and exercising is a waste of time.

The time is now, for you to move out of complacency and into what you can make happen for yourself. Anything you want to change or even master can be done, but everything starts with you and lies within you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • why do I want this
  • when will I start
  • how will I start
  • what will I do today?

Let’s make it happen and let’s begin today!

Discussion:  Share words that you use to make your habits stick.

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