Jimmy Moore Interviews Evelyn Parham on Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show

jimmy moore show

Listen to a podcast of me being interviewed by Jimmy Moore.  This podcast was recorded in June of 2010.

Evelyn Parham:  A Non-Judgemental, Non-Pedantic, Raw Vegan Blogger (Episode 409)

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Thank you!   🙂


P.S.  At this present time, I do not label myself as a raw vegan.  I am a vegan  and I do not eat any animal flesh or animal based products, including honey, but I still eat raw vegan food, just not at a high percentage.

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Evelyn Parham started this site in 2010. She enjoys writing, reading, and dabbling in photography and video editing. Learn more about her here.

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  1. Zengirl says:


    Congratulations! When you start to get awards and interviews, that is good sign for progress and could not have happened to a better person!


  2. Michelle Howard says:

    Oh my I don’t know if I could ever do it. I like chicken and fish too much!

    What prompted you to become a vegan? you may have mentioned on the interview but I haven’t had a chance to listen.


    • Hi Michelle,
      Welcome and thanks for commenting!

      I never thought I would be eating this way myself, but it didn’t happen over night. It is something I gravitated towards. It took me a while. Just this year, I have finally found my place in the world of veganism. It took 2 years, but I arrived.

      I was prompted because I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid tumors. I wanted to find a natural way to handle the situation. Eating this way has really helped me.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Take care,


  3. Patricia says:

    Congrats Evelyn. I am not vegan but I understand people’s choices and it sounds like a healthy lifestyle is the only way to go for you and for that I say good on you gal 🙂

  4. BlessedMama says:

    My speaker’s down, so I can’t hear anything on my computer, but I wanted to congratulate you anyway!

  5. Opal says:

    Hi Evelyn,
    Congrats on the podcast, I look forward to checking out the episode; I put it on my to do list for Wednesday. 🙂

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