Letting Go of Emotional Hurts and Pains

young-woman-headacheThere are women that I personally know who are hurting emotionally.  It seems that women take a lot and hold many things inside.

Retreating within yourself and holding onto things, hurts you in many ways.  It contributes to stress, wreaks havoc on your mental health, just to name a few.

You may ask, “How does Evelyn know?”  I have held things in to the point where I suffered with depression, and other health problems.

Holding in hurt and pain can make your sick (mind, body and spirit).

I decided to write about this issue because women are hurting.  I listen to the hurts and pains of other women and it saddens me how some of these women gave up their dreams to make others happy.  I am tired of seeing women of all ages unhappy with life and unhappy with themselves.

Let It Go

Some of us carry emotional hurts and pains for what seems like a life time.  Carrying emotional hurts and pains can make you sick.

There comes a time when you have to let the pain and the hurt go.  You can start today by doing the following:

  • Taking care of yourself first.  Women are nurturers by nature, but that does not mean that you must take care of everyone first while taking care for yourself last.  Be there for yourself first because you are the only one who can do it.
  • Taking charge of your life.  You only get one life to live and you are the person in charge.  If you want to try something new and exciting go for it and do not worry about the naysayers.
  • Standing firm in what you believe.  Do not let strong winds cause you to break.  There is nothing wrong with bending, but do not ever break.  What you believe is the foundation of who you are.
  • Not allowing anyone or anything to control your life.  People and life circumstances can sometime knock you down, but you have to get back up and keep moving.  Worrying about people and life circumstances can paralyze your growth and you do not want that.
  • Not allowing anyone to take your dreams away.  If you have a burning desire to follow your passion, go for it.  Some people will think your dream is just that a dream, but you cannot let people kill your dream.  Keep your dream alive by moving forward and making your dream a reality.
  • Staying calm in the midst of everything that is going on around you.  It is not easy staying calm when all hell breaks loose, but it can be done.  If you believe in prayer, pray and spend quiet time with yourself.  This helps drown out all the noise that is bombarding you mind, body and spirit.
  • Loving all of yourself.  Whether you are tall or short, skinny or fat, straight or curly haired; embrace all of you.  If you do not love and accept yourself, then no one will.
  • Being kind to yourself.  Stop being hard on yourself.  Realize that you are not perfect and that you are only human.
  • Smiling with your heart.  Let what you feel in your heart shine through in your smile.  Do not hold back because smiling makes your feel so good.
  • Letting the tears roll.  If you have to cry, let the tears roll.  Releasing the tears bring with it healing and relief.  Do not be afraid to cry, because it is cleansing in many ways.
  • Accepting that you are where you are for a reason.  Ever wonder how you arrived where you are in life?  Stop questioning and accept your fate.  Nothing just happens and your life lessons are tailored made for you.
  • Admitting that you are not strong.  It is good to be strong (mentally and emotionally), but sometimes you cannot always be strong.  Situations can knock you off your game.  You have to play the game the best way you can.  Even the people you think are strong have times when they are weak.
  • Living each day to the fullest.  Never let your past hinder your here and now.  If you spend most of your time looking back and examining your past, you miss out on living a full life.   Leave the past in the past, and embrace each day with the biggest hug you have to give.

Final Words

The time is now for you to let go of everything that hinders your progress of becoming a healthier you.

Holding on to could haves, would haves, and should haves, can only hurt you.  Let go and free your mind.

Live healthy, live free!

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  1. Aqiyl Aniys says:

    Peace and Blessings be with you Evelyn.

  2. Hmmm, not sure I can do the “stay calm” part when I am angry or frustrated. In fact, some of the time I wonder whether we women are too calm when we should express anger or non-acceptance of something substandard.

    • Hey Kymberly,

      I agree with you. I think it is best to let people know how you feel and not internalize anger and frustration.

      Staying calm, in a sense of what I mean in this post is not allowing past hurts and pains to bother you or keep you worried. Some people don’t stay calm and sometimes allow the emotional hurts and pains to overtake them, which could possibly result in all sorts of things happening (mentally as well as physically).

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

  3. Evelyn,

    These are powerful truths. Thank you for sharing from you heart. You truly are a “Phenomenal Woman” of great integrity!

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