3 Reasons To Love Yourself, No Matter What

mind-body-spiritDo you really love yourself? I mean really love yourself. Think about this question and ask yourself if you really love yourself. I know it is crazy for to ask you if you love yourself, but please take time to answer this question.  Because loving self is something we believe everyone does by default, but that is not always the case.

How can anyone not love themselves? You would be surprised how we are unloving to ourselves. One way we are unloving to ourselves is negative self-talk and negative thoughts about ourselves.

If you told a little child the negative self-talk and negative thoughts you say to yourself, how do you think that child would feel about himself? Think about it.

Today, I share with you three reasons why you should love all of yourself, no matter what.

#1.  Love yourself because you have a powerful mind.

Your mind is powerful because anything you tell yourself is always in your mind. You take your thoughts everywhere you go. If you tell yourself it is impossible for you to make healthy lifestyle changes, guess what, your changes will not become reality, resulting in nothing getting done.

Why? Because you have told your mind that you cannot make healthy lifestyle changes. Be careful and aware of your thoughts because your mind is powerful. Be positive and realistic in all things, because your mind is listening. As a man thinks, so is he.

#2.  Love yourself because your body is magnificent.

Do you know how magnificent your body is? Telling yourself that you will be happy only when you lose a certain amount of weight, is like telling your body that it is not perfect. Your body hears what you say and is a great listener.

No your body does not have ears to actually hear, but it knows. Start treating your body good; be loving, caring and accepting of your magnificent body. The body knows when you are being good to it, so treat it good.

#3.  Love yourself because your spirit is beautiful.

You are more than just a body. There is something greater about you. You have a powerful force within you and that powerful force is your spirit. You may think you are not beautiful on the outside, but if you look deep within yourself you will find a beautiful being and that beautiful being is you. Your spirit brings life to your body.  The powerful force that animates from you is the true essence of who you are.


No matter what you think, say or feel about yourself remember:

  • your mind is powerful
  • your body is magnificent
  • your spirit is beautiful.

Decide today (not someday) that you will love and honor all of you, not just a part of you, but all of you.


“If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone to be good to me.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

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