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Today, our guest blogger is Nadia Jones.  

Arguably the best fruit for you is one that you have probably passed by with your shopping cart many times.

A mango’s physical appearance is not one that is too inviting, but its nutritional value is unparalleled.

Mangoes have developed a reputation for being a remedy for fevers, constipation, and respiratory problems. However, the health benefits of this affordable and delicious fruit go much further.

Mangoes contain essential vitamins and dietary minerals, and they also offer consumers an array of therapeutic benefits.


Mangoes contain phenols, such as quercetin, astragalin, fisetin, and methylgallat. These phenols have powerful antioxidant and cancer-preventing capacities. Being a potent antioxidant, mangoes can help protect cells from free radical damage, and they also reduce the risk of cancer.


Mangoes are high in iron, and serve as a direct benefit for women who are pregnant as well as for individuals who are suffering from anemia. For women who become weak after menopause, mangoes can serve as the perfect iron supplement. Furthermore, the vitamin C in mangoes boosts the absorption of iron from vegetable food.


From the amount of vitamin E that mangoes contain, the fruit can relieve clogged pores, and promote smooth skin. Those suffering from acne have also turned to the fruit because it is a rich source of vitamin A. Vitamin A offers the skin a healthy shine, and it also increases skin suppleness.


Another benefit of this tasty treat is the digestive enzymes mangoes have, which work to help break down proteins and aid digestion. These enzymes in mangoes can help combat acidity and soothe your stomach. Accompanied by the large amounts of fiber in the fruit, regular consumption can further prevent constipation, keeping you regular.

Beyond these primary benefits, this one piece of fruit continues to serve us well in other ways. For students who have trouble concentrating in the classroom, the glutamine acid in mangoes works to keep cells active and boosts memory.

The amount of Vitamin A you will receive can prevent night blindness, dryness of the eyes, and itching and burning in the eyes. In fact, the fruit’s only fault is that it can be a bit of challenge to devour, as cutting a mango is never simple.

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About Author: Nadia Jones blogs about education, college, student, teacher, money saving, movie related topics. You can reach her at

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About the Author

Nadia Jones blogs about education, college, student, teacher, money saving, movie related topics. You can reach her at

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  1. Leah says:

    I simply love mangoes, they are my favorite fruit along with watermelons.

  2. Ambika Mahajan says:

    I love mangoes. But my gym instructor keeps telling me to stay off them if I actually want to shed those extra pounds hanging on to me. Is is true that mango causes you to put on weight?
    ((I so so hope that you say that they dont so that there will be lesser guilt involved in eating them next summers).

    • Hi Ambika!

      Welcome to my blog!

      Mangoes are my favorite too.

      I’m not sure about the weight gain, but they are high in sugar, so maybe that’s why your gym instructor warned you to stay off them.

      Take care,


    • Mary says:

      I sure wouldn’t worry about a little healthy fresh fruit like a mango which has a lot of fiber, vitamins and phytonutrients. I’d save my worry for truly empty sources of sugar calories like soda, candy, and desserts.

  3. Rita says:

    Not sure about ‘proper’ but after carefully cutting the skin off (to minimise fruit wastage), I turn the mango on its side and slice as near to the nut as possible, then I do the same to the other side. I then lay the mango flat and slice off the remaining fruit at an angle to the nut to cut off the remaining juicy bits of fruit.
    I love mango!
    Great post,Evelin!

    Take care,

  4. Amy Upton says:

    Mangoes are definitely a great health food for sure. I have also created a post that includes the top 10 foods to help you lose weight fast and that one could of been a possibility. Great post!

  5. Mary says:

    Nice! You gotta figure fresh fruit is healthy, but I didn’t know about the specific antioxidants in mango, the Vitamin E, and the digestive benefits. I’ve been eating and cooking with the champagne mangoes a lot lately, so it’s good to hear how healthy they are.

  6. Liz Whitaker says:

    Thanks for stopping by from Bloggers! Each country grow different types of mangoes, find out how many types of mangoes are grown around the world, you’ll be surprised. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  7. Great information about Mangos Evelyn! I use tropical fruits every morning in a homemade fruit and vegetable juice powder smoothie. I will keep an eye out for mangos at the market because I need the increased memory. There is much benefit in adding mangos to our diet.

  8. Miss Lego says:

    If you really want to have plenty of mangos, then you shall come to my city Cartagena in Colombia. Here almost every house has a mango tree, which of course makes mango a very easy-to-get fruit.

  9. Laura says:

    You should consider doing mango juice or shakes. It’s so thick you’ll think that it’s doused with xantham gum! If you like having green monsters then a little mango could go a long way.

    In order to easily cut mangoes I would recommend peeling them with long strokes. You could always do it the lazy way a.k.a. my way. Small bite to the top to separate the peel from the flesh and pull it down like a banana. 🙂

  10. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the information. Confirms why I love them and have been eating so much since changing my diet. We buy frozen and fresh mangos and have them almost daily. Maybe its one of the reasons my stomach issues have practically gone away since the diet change!

  11. master blogger says:

    I cant believe it we have a lot of mangoes here and I am just passing it by thank you for the information

    Zero Dramas

  12. I do love mango’s, Papaya has some of the same properties and benefits as well I have read.

  13. Hi Nadia and Evelyn:

    Mango used to be the most favorite fruit of the east,but now it is like all over globally. as the post says it has lots of nutrition and then tickles the taste buds, so what’s not to like.

    Thanks for the informative post

    Fran a

  14. Hi Nadia,

    Thanks for your MANGO post! 🙂

    Mango is my favorite fruit. I can never get enough. I’m glad they are very healthy for the body.

    Take care,


  15. Zengirl says:


    I love Mango. I grew up in India and we have so many types of mangoes to eat there. In here California, we get mangoes from Mexico which is different but still cool as Mango is one of the best fruit in my mind.

    I love having mango shake, mango lassi and Mango ice-cream along with raw mango too.


    Evelyn, I like you are guest posters just as I like you!

  16. Health Blog says:

    Your info about mango is true. But I beg to differ in one point. If I am not wrong The best fruit is Kiwi fruit according to an Australian study (although I can not name the study right now) on nutrition values of different fruits across the globe.
    But mango is among top ten fruits.

    • Hey Jupitor,

      Thanks for chiming in and sharing that information.

      Yes, mango is up there…glad it is on the the top 10 list, because I really enjoy eating them. 😉

      Take care,

  17. Adam says:

    Whether the mango fruit comes with nutritional values or not I’ve always savored on this fruit but glad to know that mango comes with so many nutritional benefits. This fruit comes in different types and the best ones just melts in the mouth. Each country grow different types of mangoes, find out how many types of mangoes are grown around the world, you’ll be surprised.

  18. greg says:

    Interesting.. I actually had literally no idea that this was considered among the healthiest fruits available. I would say that it certainly is among the best tasting!! I certainly don’t pass them by in the food store aisle!


  19. Calli says:

    Mango is my favorite. Both the ripe and the green ones. But I didn’t know its the world’s healthiest fruit. Now I don’t have to feel guilty if I eat more than my tummy could handle at times. lol

  20. Maria Pavel says:

    I just love mangoes and thanks for bringing out these facts, these facts indeed made me feel that I had been right in feasting on all those mangoes all this while!