New Ways to Enjoy Cycling with Multi-Use Trailers

New Ways to Enjoy Cycling with Multi-Use Trailers

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This is a guest post written by Ron Fritzke.

It goes without saying that Loving the Bike is a given for many of us. After all, how can you beat the exhilaration of moving through some of the best scenery in the world…under your own power? Wouldn’t it be great to include others in your cycling adventures?

There are some very satisfying reasons to get a bike trailer, such as including the whole family. Even youngsters who aren’t able to ride their own bike can come along.

One of the many joys of being a new parent is looking at the world through the fresh eyes of your toddler. When you combine your love for cycling with your love for your kids, you definitely have a winner.

Multi-Use Bike Trailers Let You Go Green

For cyclists who are doing all they can to make the planet a better place, you can convert most bike trailers into a stroller or even a jogger. That way, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re conserving resources. Instead of three different kid-carriers in the garage, a single versatile trailer will do the trick.

It’s also easier on the budget in case you’re more motivated by personal economics.

While turning your bike trailer into a stroller or a jogger isn’t for everyone…turning your bike trailer into a flattened pancake is universally important. By that I mean storing the thing without taking up too much space in the garage.

Look for a bike trailer with easily detachable wheels and folding sides so that it converts into a ‘bike trailer Frisbee’ without too much trouble.

A Unique Trailer Called The Travoy

An interesting Burley trailer is the Travoy. It looks like a beefed-up golf handcart that securely attaches to the seat-post of your bike. After it’s finished dutifully following you along the bike lane to work, it easily detaches and can be rolled up to the office with all that work you told yourself you wouldn’t take home with you.

Some of the accessories you have to choose from with the Travoy trailer are upper and lower bags for carrying just about everything. The upper bag is perfect for your laptop computer and supplies for class for the college student.

The Burley Travoy rain cover makes wet or dry travel a pleasant adventure. On your arrival, detach and wheel the cart right into your classroom or office. Once there, your Travoy will fold down with wheels that easily pop off with the push of a button.

Putting everything back together is just as simple and you’re easily on your way again, whether your commute is across campus or back to home. Why weigh yourself down with heavy text books and computer on your back when wheeling is a breeze?

burley d'lite bike trailer

Make Grocery Shopping More Fun And Economical Too

The Travoy bike trailer also becomes an instant shopping cart with the simple press of a release. Place your groceries in either/both the upper or lower accessory bags. Now you won’t have to wait for an available cart or worry about cart returns when you’re finished.

There is even an available rain cover that will encase your entire cart to protect from those sudden unexpected showers.

While we’re talking about protecting your treasures from unexpected weather, let’s look at hauling cargo for other reasons.

Burley Hauls Cargo Too

Burley cargo trailers are perfect for extended overnight bike camping trips. The Nomad can carry up to 100 lbs, but only weighs 15 lbs. It’s covered to protect items from the elements.

The Flatbed is even more no-nonsense, consisting of a flat platform with seven-inch sides. It’s the kind of trailer that’ll carry a hefty load with very little sophistication.

Don’t Leave Fido Home

I can’t leave the discussion of Burley trailers without mentioning the Tail Wagon. In homes where the canines rule the roost, this functions as a ‘Kings Chariot’. The royal pet follows along behind the bike, barking out periodic commands to the human servant who’s straining at the pedals.

At times the ride is interrupted so that the pooch can relieve himself beside the path and the human servant can ‘glove-up’ to pick up and carefully dispose the ‘doggy tootsie treat’ into a trash receptacle. Such a fun outing for everyone.

Enjoy A Bike Trailer Now…Sell It Later

Here’s an added slant to the bike trailer angle. If you get a quality bike trailer to begin with, like the Burley D’lite or the Burley Bee, the resale value can remain relatively high. That means selling it on Craigslist will recoup most of what you paid for it…and if you bought it used to begin with you may lose very little at all.

In Summary…

As you can see, whether you are into saving money or saving the planet, you are sure to find the perfect bike trailer to suit your needs. Cycling has never been better.

About Author: Ron Fritzke reviews cycling gear for his website, His latest focus has been on indoor bike trainers. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike and looking for good cycling products.

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About the Author

Ron Fritzke reviews cycling gear for his website, His latest focus has been on indoor bike trainers. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike and looking for good cycling products.

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  1. Ron Fritzke says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Maybe you should put it up to a family vote…with the downside being that you may find yourself stuffed into a small bike trailer. 🙂


  2. Daniel says:

    I have two kids and a wife, so I could put all three of them in there while I go riding, right?

    Just kidding. Looks like a very useful thing to have.

  3. Ron Fritzke says:

    Once again it’s a privilege to write a guest post on Evelyn’s site. If you have any questions or comments I’ll do my best to respond to them as soon as I can.

    Ron Fritzke

    • Evelyn says:

      Hi Ron!

      Thank you for another interesting post. I never knew that trailers existed for bikes. This is so cool, especially when you have a child. Just put them in the trailer and be on your way.

      I’m interested in getting into cycling. It’s been while since I have been on a bike. I do enjoy cycling.

      I’m seriously considering investing in cycling equipment. Hopefully this can be a gift for myself before the year is over. 🙂

      Have a great day!