The Power of Making a Vision Board

A few years ago, I made a vision board and most of what I had on my vision board came to pass. I know how effective a vision board is and so I decided to make one, even though this year is almost over, I’ll get a head start before new year arrives.

Writing goals on paper is good, but there is something about seeing the goal / vision that makes what we want become reality. I do not know what the deal is with a vision board, but one thing I do know is it works.

Side note: Creating a vision board is not about putting what you wish for on a board, you have to take steps and actions to meet those goals.

Making a vision board gives your goals a jump-start, but you have to work to make things become reality.

Seeing is Achieving

I want a flatter belly and I will have one. I can see myself with the fat burned off and the abs revealed.

My vision of having a flatter belly is on my vision board;  I pasted a picture of a woman with a flat belly on the board.

I am no fool, I know a flat belly does not happen magically, but the photo of the woman on my vision board encourages me to stick with my routine.

You can do anything you want.  It is not enough to want something, you have to see it and go after what you want and give it your all.

Seeing a photo or a phrase daily propels you in the direction that sets you up for success.

Making a Vision Board

You can make a vision board digitally or manually. I prefer doing things the old-fashioned way because it gives me time to sit down, get off the computer and focus on the task.  I find it relaxing too.

It does not matter if you make a digital or manual vision board, do what is best for you. As long as you make a board and it has everything on it that you want to do, it is effective.

Steps in Making a Vision Board

1.  Gather old magazines, newspapers and even articles or pictures that you find on the internet.


2.  Cut out photos, words, phrases and anything that relates to your vision goals.


3.  Paste the items on a poster board.


4.  Place your board in an area where you see it often. (I placed my vision board on the wall in front of my desk area).

A vision becomes reality when you put action with the vision. Get busy!


A vision board is powerful. Visualization is powerful. Seeing is believing and what you believe;  you do.

Make a vision board and let  it be a project that you complete before the end of this year.  You will enter the new year with clarity and purpose.  Get a head start on your vision goals today!

Habakkuk 2:2 (English Standard Version) – “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”


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