I Really Want To Change, But I Am Not Ready

change-takes-timeYou want to start exercising, but you never have the time to fit it into your daily schedule.  You want to make changes to your diet, but you never get around to actually making the changes.  I’m sure you have said or thought to yourself, “I really want to change, but I am not ready.”

I used to say, “I know I need to exercise, but I will do it tomorrow.”  I did well for a few days, but I never stuck with it.  The reason why I could not stick with exercising is because I was not ready to commit to exercising. 

Side-note:  Today, I cannot miss doing some form of exercise.  When I cannot do my usual routine, I will at least do push ups and squats.

You cannot make real change until you are open and ready.  

Change is Hard

When you are used to doing something one way, it is hard switching to something new.  If you are not ready for change you may think that you cannot change.  Believing that you cannot change will only keep stuck.  

You know you are ready for change when:

  • you stop making excuses
  • you are not afraid
  • you are comfortable
  • change feels right for you
  • you understand the benefit 
  • you are ready for the challenge
  • you are not concerned about time
  • you do it without hesitation.

When you are ready for change; change comes.


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  1. Yup. So true. Plus, you have to make it a habit – in small increments. That’s how we got into the bad habits – small increments.

  2. Change definitely is hard. It helps if you can find something you like. I’ve always hated exercise but I love to walk. So I found a way to get my steps in even without going outside. This makes going outside much more enjoyable. If you care, you’ll figure something out.

    • Finding something you like is always a plus in the change department. There are lots of benefits to walking and I am happy you found a type of movement that works for you.

      Thanks for sharing!

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