Sometimes You Have To Walk Alone and That’s Okay

Sometimes You Have To Walk Alone and That’s Okay


walking-aloneThe inspiration for this post comes from a woman who shared on You Tube how some people consider you radical for making changes. These changes are good and best for you, but others do not understand, so they say you are radical.

The woman said that people are saying that she is radical because she has changed her hair and is experimenting with the raw vegan diet.  She no longer alters the texture of her hair and is learning how to care for her hair.  And because she is learning about the raw vegan diet and experimenting with it, she is radical.

The woman is radical because she is making changes for which she is happy with, but for some reason others are not so happy. Sometimes people will say you are radical when they do not understand what you are doing.  You cannot make people understand unless they genuinely want to understand.

The title of this post is, “Sometimes you have to walk alone, and that’s okay” and this is something that happens when you make changes that people do not understand.

The Definition of Radical

Let’s look at what radical means.

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines radical as: (a) marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional: extreme (b) tending or disposed to make extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions.

According to the definition, the woman is radical, but you have to ask yourself how extreme is too extreme?

Not All Change is Good

When you make changes that are not usual or traditional, there are some people who will have you believe that your change is bad. You may even lose friends because of your changes.

But I say, if that person is a loyal friend, then they will not sweat you for the changes you are making. Why is it that when you make changes that give positive results you are radical?

Is it because the person does not understand your change and does not want to take the time understand your change?  People will sometime make you believe that your change is bad and that it could not possibly be a good thing, because no one else is doing it.  The truth is that the changes you are making are good for you.

Walking Alone

Just because those who were your friends, suddenly stop talking to you, does not mean you are radical. That person was not meant to be in your life anyway. Count it a blessing, keep moving and always be true to yourself.

I know how it feels when people, I thought were my friends, stop talking to me because I am not doing what they believe is right. I say, “Who cares?”

You soon realize that there are other people out here who are on the same path as you and who are traveling in the same direction;  loneliness does not last for long.

It is Okay

No one sets out to walk alone or be radical, but sometimes in life things happen and it is okay. We are all forever growing and evolving;  change is inevitable.

I am not the same person I was 5, 10, or even 20 years ago and that is okay. I do not expect to stay the same. I can only imagine how boring and predictable I would be, if I had never made any changes.

Sometimes you have to launch out into the deep and go where no one has gone and it is okay.  Does it make you radical because you do not fit other people’s mold?  I do not think so!

It is okay to make changes. Making changes is a way of life and just because you are traveling in a different direction does not make you radical. I say it makes you all the more interesting.

Consider this, you are you marching along to the sound of your own beat and no one hears the beat except for you and it is okay.  You are who you are, you are YOU!

Dare to be different, dare to be you, if you don’t then who will!

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  1. nando eriawan says:

    the one who make a change I think that he/she is great one. make a change is to show their character, people should not mock them or stay off him/her, we should appreciate whatever our friend or other people doing for their change.

  2. msfullroller says:

    “It’s not right but it’s OK. I’m gonna make it anyway” from Whitney Houston’s song.

    Yep, that’s definitely what I’m learning that you gotta go on and do what you gotta do. Folks are gonna talk about you anyway so you might as well do what’s right for you. And if they feel it’s radical, then so be it.

    Besides, anyone born on April Fools Day has gotta be dare I say…radical! Yeah baby! 😉

    Great post!!

    • Hey Lady!

      Happy belated birthday! I know you had a great day.

      Yes, ma’am people will talk, so might as well do you..all day, every day!! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and for your support.

      Take care,


  3. SittieCates says:

    Good post, Evelyn! I truly loved this part: “you are you marching along to the sound of your own beat and no one hears the beat except for you and it is okay.”

  4. You’ve got me inspired to go out and do something radical today. In a good way.

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