Is It Possible to Have a Successful Blog Without Posting Every Day?

man-thinkingYes it is possible!  It is not how often you publish, but how much value you give your readers.

What is a Successful Blog?

A successful blog means different things to different bloggers.  There was a time when my traffic was very good, but now my traffic has dropped below that very good mark.  Does this mean that my blog is not successful?  Nope!

My blog is still successful even with a decrease in traffic, comments and Alexa ranking.  However, there is still one thing that I make priority.  My number one priority is writing articles that are helpful, beneficial and valuable to anyone who lands on this blog.

I accepted guest posts on this blog to sometimes fill the void of not posting every day, but the quantity of articles is not an indicator of success.  It is the quality of those articles that are indicators of success.  These days, I do not accept guest posts to fill voids, I accept them only if they provide value to the reader and of course, if I have networked with the blogger.

Even with the decreases in major indicators that tell you how well your blog is doing, you must not forget your purpose.  Keep the reason why you created your blog in the forefront and you will have a successful blog.  Successful blogs, keep on pushing even through the down times.

Posting Every Day Is Not Necessary for Success

Posting every day is good if you can do it, but it is not necessary.  If you write most of the content on your blog, you will find it challenging to publish every day.

You could probably post every day, but will those articles be valuable to the reader?  Probably not.  I am guilty of publishing articles because I wanted to post every day, but I cannot not say that those articles were the most valuable.

The most popular posts that I have ever written and published on this blog were times when I let go.  It was those times when I reached deep into my inner writing soul and poured out myself into the article (gave my all).  Readers can tell when you write from the heart and also when you are writing fluff.

Focus on writing the best articles that you can that provide the most value to your readers.  If you publish one article a week, make that article jump off the page to anyone who reads your post.  Do not be afraid of letting your reader see the real you shine through in your articles.

Writing Every Day Has Benefits

Write every day even if you do not publish every day.  You do not have to complete the article in one setting.  Work on polishing the article and getting it the way you want it.  Once your are satisfied with the article, you can schedule it for live view.

There are many benefits that writing daily offers:

  • One of those benefits is that it helps you improve your writing skills.
  • A second benefit is that you have articles that you can schedule for publishing.
  • A third benefit for writing every day is that you have a selection of articles that you can use as guest posts.
  • A fourth benefit is that it helps writer’s block.

Final Words

A blogger is only as successful as he or she thinks.  Do not let the number of comments you get, the amount of traffic you have, and your ranking hinder your passion for blogging.

Success does not happen overnight.  There are some who are overnight successes, but most people have to put in hard work, time, patience, consistency, and perseverance.  Anything worth having is worth your time, especially when you love what you do.

The love for what you do is what will keep you going.  Keep that passion flame burning and see where it takes you.

Until next time….

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10 Enlightened Replies

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  1. jee says:

    i totally agree with you evelyn.

    i have a same view as you have.


  2. Harry says:

    Agree with you totally. Quality wins over quantity for any blog. Accepting low quality guest post just to fill the void and have daily post is a bad idea.

  3. Oh I used to FLIP OUT about numbers, numbers, numbers! I only post once a week and I would FLIP OUT when the numbers would go down on the days that I did not post. Now I don’t let it get to me, what I love is the nice comments I get on my blog, the views I get my videos and just the genuine viewers and now FRIENDS I have, that I made through blogging! That to me is being a successful blogger!

    • Hey GiGi!

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in.

      My take home from your comment is, focus more on putting out content, building relationships and the rest will come.

      I visited your blog and all I can say is, “GiGi rocks.” I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. 🙂

      Have a great day.

  4. I fully agree. If I begin judging myself by the results of others’ traffic, I can get very discouraged until I remember that my goal is to write what is important not to look important.

    Writing soothes my soul but it is a part of my life and can’t control my life.

    • Hi Mother!

      It is so easy to compare ourselves to others and so hard not to get disappointed by the success of others. You are right about remembering your goal and staying focused on what is important. When we do that, we can’t help but win, especially when we are doing what we love.

      I too enjoy writing and I am not a professional by any means. Becoming a better writer is one of my aspirations. Writing is definitely soothing.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Trinity says:

    This is a very helpful post. There have been times that I have been VERY discouraged with my blogging – even to the point when I stopped blogging for a while. However, I had to realize that if I really enjoyed blogging then I needed to keep doing it. That was when I decided to put more effort into it by visiting and commenting on other blogs as much as possible. Then, I discovered blog hops which really helped me to meet other like-minded bloggers. In doing so, I was encouraged to write even more. I have learned, as you stated, that blogging is more about writing quality posts as opposed just writing for the quantity. I am learning more and more about blogging all of the time and there is still so much more that I need to learn. Have a good week, Evelyn!

    BTW – I really like what you said about writing all of the time. I have so many posts that I have yet to complete.

    • Hi Trinity!

      So glad you stopped by!

      There were times when I wanted to give up, but the love of sharing and helping others is what keeps me going.

      You are very dedicated with commenting on other blogs (something I need to do more).

      Glad you mentioned blog hops. I need to check more into those.

      Have a great weak and remember to write, write, write. 🙂


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