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While sitting here thinking about what to write, it dawned on my that I need to take time to simply enjoy. You say, “Enjoy what?” I say, “Everything.”

Just a little information about me. When certain things happened in my life, that I had no control over, I dealt with it, by shutting myself off from almost everyone and everything. Yeah, you probably think I’m lying, but I am not.

True, I go out and I do things, but I don’t truly enjoy the moment and let my hair down (be my self). Not that I have a lot of hair to let down, but I’m sure you understand what I mean.

It is so good to be in a place and point in your life where you can be yourself without worrying about what others think or what they will say, because you are simply being you.

When it comes to friends, if the person is truly your friend they accept you, your flaws and all. So don’t stifle who you are and what are. Why?  If you can’t be yourself and enjoy everything, then what’s the point.

Some people live their lives trying to please others and to keep others happy and satisfied. There comes a time, when you have to live your life for you and no one else.

We are so busy living and making a living, that we miss the most important things in our lives. We don’t realize it, until the most important things no longer exist.

Then when those things don’t exist, we beat ourselves up by asking ourselves, “Why didn’t I do this, or why didn’t I spend more time with so and so?” I should have, I could have, blah, blah, blah.

It’s never too late to go for what you know. You will never know the outcome of anything, until you give it a try.

Live life with no regrets. How do you do that? Well, the only thing I can say is “Take Time to Enjoy….Everything (it’s the healthy way.)”


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  1. msfullroller says:

    Thanks so much for the reminder! After all we are human “beings” that should be living according to who we are not human “doings” living according to what others want use to do. 🙂

  2. Carolyn says:

    Evelyn, you hit this one out of the park! A lesson I’ve learned is how to be selfish for me. I love “Carolyn” time and spending time alone doing things that I enjoy, which includes pampering myself.

    I agree, it is never too late. Just love yourself enough to do it!

    Blessings to you, Evelyn.

  3. Kesha Brown says:

    Evelyn, I LOVE everything about this post!! I mean you truly have a “live life to the fullest” post right here!! 🙂

    I especially agree with: “If you can’t be yourself and enjoy everything, then what’s the point.”

    I was one of those people pleasers you talked about. Yes, I love to see others happy but at my own expense? I think not!

    It took me a long while to understand that to do/be/have what everybody else wanted for me meant a disservice to myself and I wasn’t having it anymore. So I hope other readers really take this advice to heart and take time to enjoy life and just have fun with it!

    Here’s to a lovely day of simply enjoying oneself 🙂


    • Hi Kesha,

      I’m glad you got to a point in your life where you said, “no more, I’m doing me.”

      It spells F R E E D O M..no more bondage. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!!


  4. Michelle says:

    This is really good advice. It’s really easy to NOT have as much enjoyment when you are focused on other things.

    Sometimes you’ll have at the back of your head pressing matters when you should just be enjoying life. You know, I can relate.

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