Ten Tips to Help You Keep Off the Weight

Ten Tips to Help You Keep Off the Weight
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Eat your veggies!!

We are almost nearing the half-way mark for 2011 and I know some of you set goals to lose weight.  Did you lose the weight?  Have your reached your goals?  Did you call it quits?

I hope you achieved all your goals, but I am a realist and I know some of you probably stopped working on your goals.  I set some goals myself and now I must re-group.

If you did stop somewhere between January 2011 and now, I urge you to re-group and start over.  Whatever you do, do not give up!

I was thinking about how some people lose weight, only to put the weight back on.  Wonder why this happens?  Today I will share with you how you can keep the weight off for good.

10 Tips to Help you Keep Off the Weight

1.  Do not overeat. Constantly overeating is taxing on your digestive system.  There is no reason for you to leave the dinner table with your belt unfastened and your pants unbuttoned.  Never eat to the point of exhaustion.  What do you think the inside of you is doing? (slowing down)

2.  Stay active.  It does not matter what you do, as long as you are active.  I enjoy dancing with my daughter.  This is one way I work my muscles, but I also do other things.  These days, I am working in the garden and it is a good workout.

3.  Drink your water. Do not skimp on drinking water.  Water is the best liquid that you can ever put in your body.  The body is 70% water, so why not keep it hydrated with what it needs the most.

4.  Leave the junk and processed foods alone. These foods taste good, but they do not give your body what it needs. You eat more when you eat junk food because these foods have no life.

Junk in, junk out:  healthy in, healthy out.  In other words, if you eat a lot of junk, you will feel and look like junk.  But if you eat healthy, then you will feel and look healthy (from the inside out).

5.  Surround yourself with the positive. This goes for the company you keep, what you view on television, what you listen to, and so much more.  If you feel bad after talking with someone then, you should keep your conversations short with that person.

6.  Keep eating your veggies. Everyday make sure you eat vegetables.  When you cook your vegetables, make sure you do not cook them to death.  You need the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from vegetables.  Make sure eat a variety of veggies every day.

7.  Eat when you are hungry. Do not be so fearful of gaining weight that you ignore that you need food.  Listen to your body and give your body what it needs.

8.  Fast sometimes. I sometimes joke with my husband about people fasting, especially those whose faith teaches that fasting is good for the spirit.  Here’s the little joke, “They don’t ever fast, because they look like they have never missed a meal.”  This is all done in fun, but the truth is that people are not fasting, they are eating every time they think about food.  It is okay to fast intermittently, you will not die of starvation.

I do understand that some people cannot fast because of health reasons.

9.  Eat desserts (sweets) occasionally. Save desserts for special occasions.  You do not have to have sweets every day.  If you do, you will notice that the weight will slowly creep back on you.  Keep the desserts to a minimum.

10.  Continue learning. Read, read, read and read some more!  Learn all you can about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and do not ever stop!

Please share any tips that have helped you.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Another piece of excellent writing I must admit. After having been through your article about fasts and having shared our views, i feel pretty much like you are too conscious about fitness issues.

    • Hi Joshua,

      Thanks for sharing and chiming in.

      I’m too conscious about fitness issues. I must be because I tend to start exercising and then I stop. I don’t ever stick with a program of exercising and that’s not good. I’m working on being consistent in this area. 😉

      Take care,


  2. Uttoran Sen says:

    Great to know that you are working on your garden, i do that always, not just for weight loss and keeping general activity levels high, but it is also a very positive thing to do, helps beat depression.

    i don’t really like fasting, because when it comes to break the fast, we end up eating much more. I guess controlled eating is more helpful, that way one does not has to stop eating, but in very controlled and required amounts, so that taking it off is not much harder.

    excellent points over all, eat veggies, drink water, pretty much my way of doing things.

    • HI Uttoran,

      Gardening really does help ease the mind.

      I totally understand your take on fasting. Portion sizes and control helps too.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


  3. Karen says:

    I eat fruits everyday, drink a lot of water and make sure I don’t overeat. But the real challenge for me is keeping away from those bags of chips!

  4. Gera says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    The #9 is hard for me lol!

    Solid advices and I add – do not skip breakfast the most important meal of the day.

    Also try doing aerobic tasks like walk, run, bike or swim; you can burn a lot of kcals and in that way avoid increasing weight.



  5. LaLa says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!! I’m starting to do a majority of these naturally!! Yaaay! I’m so glad I’m living this new lifestyle!!

    I’ve become vegetarian in April, I exercise regularly, I drink anywhere from 64-96 oz of water daily and I feel good!

    • Hey LaLa,


      It is great that you are doing these naturally. Oftentimes when we are on our new lifestyle journey, things just fall into place. It takes time, but I’ve found that as we keep moving things get mo’ better. 😉

      I know you feel awesome. Keep up the good work. 🙂

      Take care,


  6. Awesome and helpful list! I especially like no. 5, surrounding yourself with the positive. So necessary.

  7. Christian says:

    I think what helps me most – is that I’m always staying active. Whether it’s playing tennis, running with my dogs, swimming at the lake; always doing something. I think that it goes far; even into old age, to always be moving.

  8. Health Blog says:

    I think the most important tip to keep off the weight is to be determined and be educated about nutrition. The tips you mentioned are very useful tips. I follow all the tips yo mentioned, except the tip no. 8, I can not fast (to be frank), because I feel hungry.

    • Hi Dr. J,

      Thanks for chiming in.

      Going without food for a period of time isn’t for everyone. A partial fast is probably better.

      I understand your point.

      Take care,


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