Tips for an Effective Cleansing Experience

Tips for an Effective Cleansing Experience

cleansing-detoxingThese tips will help you kick-start any cleaning/detoxing regimen you do.  Cleansing/detoxing is a good practice, but you want to make sure you have an effective cleansing experience.  Below are tips that will help you get started and follow through the process of doing a cleanse.

Tips for an Effective Cleansing Experience

  • Set a start date for cleansing and an ending date.
  • Know why you are cleansing.  
  • Do not cleanse for a quick fix.  
  • Begin an elimination diet before you start your cleanse.  
  • Prepare your mind for cleansing.  
  • Rid your mind of toxic thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
  • Clear out your kitchen of poor quality and processed foods
  • Stock your kitchen with clean, whole foods during your cleanse. 
  • Pay attention to nature.  Do some deep breathing too.
  • Don’t tell a lot of people that you are cleansing, because you may get negative feedback, especially if you are new to cleansing.  You don’t need negative comments dampening your spirit.
  • Have a strong support system.
  • Pray, mediate, and take time for yourself.
  • Slow down and take a break from speeding through life.  This is a great way for you to increase and preserve your energy.
  • Take a digital break.
  • Follow the cleansing regimen.
  • Do not quit your cleanse after breaking a rule or two.  There’s always tomorrow.
  • Continue your fitness routine.  You may have to do low impact exercises, but keep moving.
  • Read books and information about healthy living, self-improvement, personal development. 
  • Take photos of yourself before, during and after your cleanse.  
  • Gradually add foods you eliminated during the cleanse back to your diet.  Be sure you pay attention to how your body responds.

Let’s go cleanse!

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