Tone Trouble Areas With These Basic Exercises

Tone Trouble Areas With These Basic Exercises

operation-get-rippedHappy Saturday!

Today, I share with you basic exercises that you can do that help tone trouble areas.  Those trouble areas include:

  • abs
  • thighs
  • butt
  • arms

I am not a professional trainer, but I am someone who is passionate about fitness.  I enjoy working out because I feel so good.

I am working on toning and defining my muscles.  If you want to see results, you must be consistent with your workout routine.  Don’t expect immediate results, because it takes time.

The more you exercise, you will begin seeing the results. You have to stick with it and follow through.

I exercise 6-days a week and usually rest on Sundays.  These are some of the exercises that I do that help me tone and define those trouble areas:

  • squats
  • leg lifts
  • crunches
  • push ups
  • dumb bells
  • work out tapes (Taebo)
  • light jogging

Food for Thought:  It is very important that you take care of your body (temple), because you only get one body to live in, so why not take the best care of your body that you can.

Until next time…

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  1. jee says:

    You are doing great evelyn, Good luck with your exercises.

    I normally take a walk or jogging for 1 hours 3 to 4 times weekly and i feel great.

  2. Dave Read says:

    Hi I totally agree on the fact that we only have one body so for my daily exercise I use a cycle for 1.5 hours and make a glass of vegetable juice for my extra vitamins.
    Kind Regards

  3. Trinity says:

    It has been difficult for me to exercise regularly. I do it and I stop. I have no problem with consistently altering diet – but exercise is another story. Thanks for reminding me that basic exercises still get the job done. Sometimes, we tend to think that we have to do Insanity, Taebo, P90x or whatever the latest workout may be.

    • Hi Trinity,

      Thanks for stopping by. I got your email about you hair cut and will reply. I’m glad it worked out for you and that you are pleased with the results.

      That’s me too, I’ll do it and then stop, but I’m doing my best to stick with it as best as I can. 🙂 Lord knows it ain’t easy.

      I haven’t bought any of the new exercise tapes that are out. My Taebo tapes are so old, I got them back in 2004 and I still use them. I agree, that we don’t have to have the latest workout tapes, just find something and stick with it, is what I say. 😉

      Good to see you and I will chat with you soon!


  4. Aqiyl Henry says:

    Congratulations on your persistence and keep up the good work. I did Tae Bo once and it isn’t a joke. You have a nice exercise routine going on.