Tune-Up by Cleansing the Body

Tune-Up by Cleansing the Body


Cleanse the bodyI am an active user of YouTube and a few people are starting/have started the Master Cleanse.  The main reason these You Tubers are doing the Master Cleanse is to start the New Year, fresh and clean.  Out with old, in with new!

I am always fascinated by the noticeable changes in those who complete the Master Cleanse. Documenting the results is powerful, especially when documented with videos and photos.  If the power of videos and the photos don’t move you to cleanse your body, I don’t know what will.

Cleansing the body internally is not very common for many people.  Some people just don’t know about it or  give it much thought.  Can you believe that some people live their whole lives without ever doing any type of cleansing?  You wouldn’t go a day without showering your body, so why go a lifetime without showering your body from the inside out?

Why You Should Cleanse?

You should cleanse your internal body to get rid of the waste that has accumulated overtime.  Believe it or not getting the old waste out of your body will make you feel better.  You will also find that you will feel lighter and not weighed down.  If you have some weight to lose, then a cleanse will help you become a few pounds lighter.  Wonder why?  Because you have gotten all the junk out of your body.

How Often Should You Cleanse?

There is no magic number, because people are different and some need to cleanse more than others.  But on average, it is best to cleanse at least twice a year.  When you are comfortable with cleansing, then you can try cleansing quarterly or four (4) times a year.

Will Cleansing Hurt Me?

No, cleansing will not hurt you.  It will do nothing, but help you.  The only way a cleanse can hurt you is that you abuse it.  You shouldn’t be cleansing every month.  That is a bit much.  Don’t over do it!

What are the Benefits of Cleansing?

  • Removes waste
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Clearer thinking
  • Heightened awareness
  • Build immune system
  • Feel better
  • Feel lighter

What Type of Cleanse Should I Do?

There are many types of cleanses out here and it’s up to you to choose the one you think will work best for you.

Types of Cleanses

  • Liquid cleanses. This type of cleanse allows you to take in only liquids.  Example.  Master Cleanse – water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.  Juice fasting.  Water fasting.  Green smoothie fasting.
  • Herbal cleanses. This type of cleanse has specific herbal formulations that you take daily.  You can eat food, but most of the time foods consumed during this time are vegan, unprocessed and uncooked. There are many herbal cleanses on the market; choose wisely.  Always select the one that you think is best for you.
  • Food cleanses. This type of cleanse uses food as the major cleanser.  Some eat uncooked vegan foods for this cleanse, while others eat a vegan diet (cooked/uncooked).  This is all done over a certain amount of time.  There are other cleanses that consist of you eating one food for a set amount of time.  Example. Watermelon fast.

In addition to liquid, herbal and food cleanses many people have found a fiber cleanse to be an effective alternative to other cleansing methods.  Don’t let wastes and toxins accumulate inside your body;  choose an all natural cleanse and complement it with plenty of water.


There are many ways you can give yourself an internal shower.  The key thing you must always remember is that your body needs regular tune-ups just like your car.  Don’t let another day go by without giving your body its regular tune-ups.  You wouldn’t neglect your vehicle, so don’t neglect the most precious machine of them all, your body!

Out with the old, in with the new!

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  1. Jimi Jones says:

    Hi Evelyn!

    Great advice on getting that much needed tune-up. Not sure which method I’ll use but will definitely reference your post here and select on in a couple of weeks.

    Love that list of benefits. 🙂 Great reasons to do this.

    Thanks for the helpful tips!

    • Hey Jimi,


      That’s great Jimi! I will definitely notice a difference.

      The method really depends on what you are comfortable doing. Always start off slow for whatever method you select.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Bryan Thompson says:


    A friend of mine did this a couple of years ago, though I wasn’t aware of the name until I looked it up. He said it was tough to get used to but it was absolutely amazing in results. He said he felt a million times better. I think he did it for a full week. He was ready to eat something again when it was all over. 🙂


    • Hi Bryan,

      I can remember back when I did it, I couldn’t wait to start eating again.

      That’s great that you friend got some awesome results doing the Master Cleanse. 😉

      Take care,


  3. Hi Evelyn.. I really really needed this info that you shared here after those food that I have eaten on holidays, whew.. Thanks you so much sharing and I’m thankful also that I was able to visit your blog. Keep it up!

  4. Susan says:

    Hey Evelyn, while I have only briefly heard of the Masterclease (is that the one Beyonce did?) I do believe cleansing periodically is a good thing. All the methods you mentioned above is awesome. In fact, don’t you think that intermittent fasting is a way of cleansing too? You give your body a break from having to break down food and all the processes that go along with that, and it allows your body to work on the organs, such as the liver, which has to be full of toxins because it is always working hard. Just a thought.

    • Hi Susan,

      Yes, I think Beyonce did the Master Cleanse.

      Yes, I do believe that intermittent fasting is a good way to cleanse too. I thought about that after I hit the publish button. I’m glad to you came along and added it in the comments. 🙂

      I actually do intermittent fasting.

      Take care,


  5. Thanks for this useful info. Have you ever heard of a “foot soaking detox”? They seem to be popular in my area.

  6. TrafficColeman says:

    I will be starting my cleansing this month to start the year off right..me and my family.

    We seen the movie last night..and it was an eye opener..its time for me to get my whole family on board..thanks for all the help..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Hey TC,

      I’m so proud of you! I want to hear your report, now! 😉

      I’m glad you were able to see Food Matters. You’re on it and I’m so elated.

      Have a great day!


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