Why I Can’t Lose Weight? – Part 1: Weight Loss

Why I Can’t Lose Weight? – Part 1: Weight Loss

whyHave You Been Trying for Years to Lose Weight?

I have seen people lose weight only to put the weight back on and it’s usually at a higher rate.  What’s up with that?  Why did the diet that helped them lose weight stop working for them?  Who knows the answer, but today, I share with you reasons why you can’t lose weight. 

I have a few posts on this site about this topic, but today, I am coming at you from different angle. I won’t tell you to eat less and move more.  I won’t tell you to follow a specific diet nor will I tell you how many calories to consume. I will give reasons why you can’t lose weight;  reasons you probably have never considered.

Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You are a chronic dieter.

What is a chronic dieter?  A chronic dieter is someone who is always on a diet.  A chronic dieter searches for the perfect diet to help them reach an ideal weight. If you have tried for years to lose weight by trying every diet on the market; you need to stop it, now.  Challenge yourself to go on a non-diet. The non-diet may surprise you.

You are an over exerciser.

What is an over exerciser?  An over exerciser is someone who eats, drinks, and sleeps exercise.  In other words, the over exerciser’s life is exercise.  Did you know that over exercising is stressful on the body? 

Low level chronic stress causes all kinds of bad things to happen in the body.  It is great to exercise or do movement that you find enjoyable, but exercising like a mad man or woman will wear you down quicker than you will ever know. 

Instead, find your sweet spot in the world of exercise/movement.  Always do what works for you and what you are comfortable with doing;  no more and no less.

Your macronutrient consumption is out of balance.

It is not hard to get macronutrients out of balance, especially when you are trying different diets. There are diets that stress eating low carbohydrates, high fat, and high protein.  And there are diets that stress eating high carbohydrates, low-fat, and low protein. 

If you followed a certain diet plan for any length of time restricting macronutrients, problems may have arisen.  These problems show up in your ability to lose weight or even gain weight, but we’re talking about weight loss. 

Pay attention to how your body feels, be sure you get a healthy balance of macronutrients throughout the day.  Be leery of any diet that cuts out a big percentage of a specific macronutrient or a diet that recommends consuming a large amount of a specific macronutrient.  The only reason to possibly remove a certain macronutrient from your diet is because it is an allergen or is harmful to your overall health and well-being.

Side note:  There are certain diets that health care providers recommend to help with certain health conditions.  Always follow what your health care provider recommends for you as it relates to your specific health condition.

You are deficient in Essential Fatty Acids (healthy fats).

How can one become deficient on EFAs?  You become deficient in EFAs when you decrease the amount of fat you consume.  Remember there are low to no fat diets out here.  Being deficient in EFAs can affect your ability to lose weight.  EFAs are important in helping with hormone regulation.  Hormones help regulate appetite.  Eating adequate amounts of healthy fat (an amount that works best for you) helps keep you satiated. This means that you are not hungry an hour later after eating.  You are satisfied until your next meal or planned snack.

End of Part 1

Stay tuned for part 2 of “Why I Can’t Lose Weight.”

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  1. Trinity says:

    Thanks for sharing the tip about the macronutrients. Would you consider providing more information on the subject of macronutrient imbalance? Often, people get confused when removing foods from the diet – assuming that the more that is taken out, the more weight will be lost. I think that is often a misconception – especially where overall health is concerned.

    Thanks, Evelyn

    • Hi Trinity!

      Yes, I can provide more information on the subject of macronutrients.

      This is true. It can be very confusing and I think the key is the understanding the purpose/function that each macronutrient serves.

      Have a great week!

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