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Have you felt like you would fail before ever trying? I know you have because I have, but guess what I did? I tried, and after trying, I realized that either, what I was working on wasn’t for me, or I needed to find another way. Keep this in mind, “Don’t give up before giving your all.”

It doesn’t matter if you are working on weight loss, managing stress, or growing a business, or social media following for your brand. In order to reach any of the goals you set for yourself, you must work hard, as they say, today, you have put your nose down and grind.

I’m learning that those who put in the work get results. The results may not come when you want them to come, but you will get results, especially if you keep striving for what you want. I believe without any doubts that you can do anything that you set your mind and will to do.

Did you know that expressing gratitude can make you happier? It’s been scientifically proven. Gratitude and happiness fit together like a hand in glove.

Thanksgiving is almost here and it is the time when we focus on being more thankful. We can be thankful all year long and according to the research, it’s probably an excellent act for us to do, because it helps us be happier.

I’m a Happier Person

I used to feel like I was the worse person in the world because my child has Down syndrome, I would be lying if I told you I no longer have those feelings.

Honestly, it’s a feeling that will never, ever go away as long as I live, but I’ve learned to accept the things I cannot change and live life.

One action that has helped me is expressing gratitude. Instead of focusing on the negatives (what I don’t have), I look at the positives (what I do have – could be worse) about my daughter.

Gratitude has helped me see with eyes wide open that what is deemed as something, bad, negative, and a curse is actually not any of that.

The more I’m grateful the happier I am to have a kid like the one I have. These days, I don’t have time to wallow in self-pity, because I’m too busy watching the little soul blossom.

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dare to be different


Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about being different and standing out in a crowded space. I know it’s not a health-related topic, but I won’t always talk about healthy living topics.

These days, I share more about motivation and inspiration, and I decided I will write about whatever I want because I have to be me. You’ll learn more after reading further in this post.

This week, Jeff Goins published a blog post and podcast, sharing his thoughts about being successful (innovative) while being different. Jeff is an accomplished writer and author, and I started following him a few months ago.

Jeff shared many golden nuggets in his podcast, but after listening to his 53-minute podcast, I took to the keyboard to write.