Evelyn's Body Shots Before Lean


I started my journey to getting fit and lean on September 2, 2019, and everything is going well.

My goal is to lose body fat, and then after that, I’ll begin building muscle. In the bodybuilding world, it’s known as cutting (fat loss) and bulking (gaining muscle).

I’ll document my journey in written, and video format, and I’m taking you on the adventure.

Let the journey begin.


Spaghetti is one of my favorite foods and since I have an Instant Pot, I put it to use. I’m making spaghetti sauce in an instant pot with my daughter.

I’ve only used the Instant Pot three or four times. It’s a great appliance, and I look forward to making more meals with it.

If you want to take a break from using pasta noodles, then try zucchini noodles. I’ll show you how to make zucchini noodles. They are a great way to cut back on your carbohydrates.

Let’s make spaghetti!

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Undigested Life Experiences - Blog Post


I uploaded a video to YouTube about why you have low energy, and in the video, I shared an experience I witnessed as a child. A subscriber commented:

Another excellent video with amazing information! I like the way you introduced and talked about ‘undigested life experience(s).’ Well done! Thank you.”🌸🌸🌸

Although I published a blog post about the dietary and psychological why you have low energy, I also presented the information in video format.

The video was well-received, and I decided to write a little more about undigested life experience (s) and how it can take a toll on you. It can turn your life upside down, primarily if you never work through the experience.

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